A Starbucks Card For A Starbucks Addict


Being a coffee lover/a Starbucks addict means only one thing – I got to get myself a Starbucks Card, which I already did last week.

It gave me more convenience when purchasing my favorite coffee and and get rewarded just for being loyal to Starbucks.

The card is absolutely FREE but to use it you need to load the card with a minimum top up of RM20 or RM30 (for special Christmas design promo card).

You can reload the Starbucks Card at any Starbucks outlets, Starbucks Website, or if you have an iPhone (running iOS 6 or above), you can reload it by using Starbucks mobile payment application.

Piece of cake, right?

Once you get your card, REMEMBER to register your account online. You can have a few cards registered under your account, eg one for your wife, your kids, etc, and have them all under your account.

Starbucks.com account

Starbucks Account To Manage Your Starbucks Card

Your Starbucks.com account makes it easy to manage your Starbucks Cards, know your balance, track your rewards, and get their latest news. Plus, you will get your first reward – a complimentary grande handcrafted drink of your choice from Starbucks.

A complimentary grande handcrafted beverage of your choice will also be given when you’ve purchased ANY 10 handcrafted beverages, ANY tumbler, or ANY whole cake.

For those who would like to brew their own cuppa, they can also get a complimentary 250g whole bean coffee or a 12-pack VIA® Ready Brew when you have purchased 8 packets of 250g whole bean coffee or 12-pack VIA® Ready Brew.


Just ensure that you reload your card and use it every time you want to enjoy coffee at Starbucks. Earn a point for every purchase made with your registered Starbucks Card.

The more you earn, the greater your rewards.

For example, when you have purchased, using your Starbucks card, 10 handcrafted beverages, you’ll get 1 handcrafted beverage for free.

And when you have purchased 15 handcrafted beverages, using your Starbucks Card, you will receive a complimentary stylish and exclusive Starbucks 2013 Planner (valid until 15th January 2013).

Isn’t that superb?

But I am not sure whether we can still claim the complimentary drink (after 10 beverage purchased).

Now, I am actually contemplating buying a Starbucks elegant to-go tumbler, as it will save me RM2 everytime I purchase their handcrafted beverage, and will also earn me a free beverage!

– A Starbucks Card For A Starbucks Addict

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