Advantages of Credit Cards

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Among the chief advantages of credit cards is so that we can have extra money we can spend in case of accidents, sickness, and other emergencies that will require us to spend cash that is not currently available on hand or require us to save for a long period of time.

But aside from these reasons, we can also use our credit cards to treat ourselves once in a while and use it to enjoy lifestyle luxuries.

So what are the social benefits of owning a credit card?

1.    Use it to dine

One of the greatest joys in life is to eat good food at a good restaurant. And when you decide to dine in at a restaurant with your loved ones using your credit card, what can be sweeter than to discover credit card benefits such as get freebies, score reward points, get discounts or even get cash back benefits?

Some restaurants offer freebies in the form of desserts, while some buffet restaurants offer one buffet meal free of charge when you dine in groups and you reach their required number of diners. Other forms of credit cards enable you to claim reward points when you exceed an amount they have established.

You can accumulate your reward points and use it to claim certain items.

Your credit card may also be used to get discounts on your dining bill or on certain items.

To be able to get discounts, again, you have to target a minimum purchase amount, so use your credit card when dining with a big group of friends or when you go to a big family reunion dinner.

When rewards don’t come in the form of discounts or freebies from your credit card, then you will most probably have a cashback benefit instead.

Cashback benefits enable you to get back a portion of the total bill amount when you go beyond a specific minimum dining bill requirement.

2.    Use it to travel

If you think you’ll be reaping rewards only when you eat out, think again! You can also use your credit card to travel –either around the city in your car or to fly out of town or across the world.

When you use your credit card to purchase petrol, you get rebates or discounts on your petrol charges.

You can also get cashback benefits and reward points, same as when you use your credit card for dining purposes.

Reward points can help you purchase other essential needs such as dining out, paying utilities, travelling and purchasing groceries. Petrol credit cards will also include health and insurance benefits.

Are you the type who likes to travel around the globe a lot? You will be pleased to know that reward points can also be converted to air miles and used to get discounts or purchase flights.

When you purchase with your air miles reward points, you get additional benefits not just on flights but on hotel accommodations and transportation rentals as well.

3.    Use it for entertainment

Finally, credit cards may also be used for entertainment and you can get rewards also in the forms of entertainment. Although platinum credit cards offer more than usual credit cards, you are still entitled to get discounts, freebies or cashback advantages when you hang out at clubs or when you watch movies at the cinemas.

Or if you like to get massages or to sing your heart out with a group of friends, you may also get spa and karaoke reward points.

As a summary, you can actually discover credit card benefits when you use your card to dine out on various establishments, gas up, travel and when you hang out with your friends and family. Just be sure to check the terms and conditions involved in your card, and when in doubt, research or call customer service hotlines to maximise the advantages of credit cards.

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  1. Saya belum memiliki credit cards, ternyata kegunaannya begitu besar. Bisa memudahkan kita melakukan pembayaran di manapun termasuk ketika kita bepergian jauh 🙂

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