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Any Reward For Purchasing Starbucks Tumbler?

by Ismail N   ·  9 years ago   ·  


I had a look at Starbucks FB and saw a few queries by customers who bought the Starbucks tumbler but couldn’t see the rewards on their online tracker.

Starbucks Tumbler

The deal is, when you bought any Starbucks tumbler, you will be rewarded with a complimentary handcrafted beverage of your choice, and usually the rewards will be instantaneously reflected in the online tracker.

That was my experience when I first registered my card and also when I have purchased 10 handcrafted beverage.

Well, I bought a Starbucks Tumbler for my wife more than a week ago, and I still don’t see the ‘star‘ (sign for reward/ complimentary beverage) on my online tracker today. 

But when I asked a Barista (from a different outlet) to check my rewards 2 days after the transaction, I was informed that it is reflected in my card.  Usually all the rewards can be viewed online instantly, but maybe this tumbler thing has a glitch somewhere.

Hope the management can rectify this problem soon.

Just check out the FB page, and anyone can see the problems, but unfortunately, no reply from the Management.

– Any Reward For Purchasing Starbucks Tumbler?


  1. baguznet

    Rasanya setakat ni tak terdaya lagi nak cuba rasa produk starbuck 😀

  2. elok lah kalau kita boleh boikot, kita boikot, kalau tak negara gaza tu memang jadi medan tentara diorang membunuh lah di gaza sana

  3. Lama dah tak beli starbuck ni.. rasanya mungkin dah kurang orang beli sebab isu israel tu kan. Hehe


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