Cash Deposit Machine Out Of Service Again!

Cash Deposit Machine

Have you ever been to a CDM (Cash Deposit Machine), queuing for half an hour and the machine went ‘out of service‘ before you manage to even get close to it? Well, I have experienced this many times. So many times, that I feel compelled to post about it in my blog.

This however, does not mean that I’m trying to bad mouthed certain bank or financial institution.

It is just an expression of anger and frustration of a customer who has been treated with poor services time and time again.

Plus, I’m hoping they will read and do something about it. 😉

I did ask my friend who works in Maybank about this. Well, Maybank has the most cases of CDM failure in my area, therefore it is inevitable for me to ask him about it.

I don’t know about the other areas. KL? Johor Bahru? Penang? Any problem guys?

According to my friend, the CDMs are not maintained by Maybank.

The maintenance work were outsourced to a maintenance company appointed by them. Hence, when there are problems, it took a while to get the machine up and running again.

Thus, should the machine go ‘out of service‘ during the weekend, please don’t bother to come back the following day.

Don’t expect the maintenance company to dispatch their technicians during the weekend and incur ‘overtime cost‘. The economy is not so rosy as many might think.

Simple cost saving procedures like these are required for businesses to survive.

However, banks can improve their customer service by training their staff to do simple maintenance work like replacing the receipt rolls and rebooting their computer when it hanged like what I experienced this morning.

Lame Excuses

It is very annoying to hear lame excuses like ‘Memang selalu macam tu‘ (it’s always like that) every time the CDM broke down. If anything, repetitive occurences demands the staff’s attention and therefore they should be trained to fix it instead of accepting it as an excuse.

If I am not mistaken, Bank Islam has improved their ATM and CDM machine maintenance. I saw their own staff doing simple tasks like I mentioned above and I hope other banks will follow suit.

I might have a few facts wrong in my assesment, so please take my story with a pinch of a salt.

Still, I believe many have quite similar experience like I have with all these Cash Deposit Machines.

– Cash Deposit Machine Out Of Service Again!

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