China-Made Product And RM2.50 LEGO

Cheap Lego

Sometimes I wonder how the world is going to compete with China in terms of business and economy.  I mean where on earth can we find cheaper consumer products other than inside the Great Wall itself. I once heard from a friend, a gomen IT supplier that he can source laptops from China for less than RM200 per unit and sell it to the gomen at five times its original price. On top of that, you don’t even have to worry about the after-sale service as well. These China-made laptops have a life span period of more than a year which is enough to cover the standard gomen warranty period.  😀

And if you recently purchased a 16G memory card for RM30 or more, please do not be disheartened to hear that you can get it for less than 10 cents in China.

Of course la, T & C apply.  You just can’t simply order one memory card and blame me for not getting the price stated above.

Cheap LEGO

I guess that’s why I’m not surprise to see this super cheap LEGO block lookalike toy at 1Borneo Hypermall last week. Still, my dear readers, I did fork out 250 sen so that I can post it at my blog. I’m very nice kan? (He he.. perasan again!).   My 3 year old doesn’t know the difference and I don’t need to get a headache when they go missing (eg, sucked into the vacuum cleaner).

An original LEGO of the same size would cost you RM30+++. See the huge difference in price?  Imagine if you running a factory, say, at Bayan Lepas and producing a similar product, do you think you can sell at them at RM2.50 also ka? Maybe can lah if you want to go bankrupt early. 😀  Or if you work by yourself and not have to pay the minimum wage (for the record, I am for the minimum wage).

Please note also: RM2.50 is not the factory or wholesaler price but retail price. It’s what you pay at a 5-star Hypermall store in the urban area. I wonder what the factory price is? 50 cents?

I don’t really know how long this RM2.50 LEGO (LEGO Murah) lookalike toy can endure a child’s durability test. Maybe 1 year like the laptop? One thing for sure it does work like any other block building game such as LEGO, Kreo or MegaBlock.

Check out the pictures below.  I managed to assemble it in 10 minutes without any difficulty. Not bad, right?

Cheap Lego 2

Cheap Lego 3

Cheap Lego 4

If Malaysian manufacturers want to compete at international market, surely we cannot compete in term of price. Even against Japan and Korea, we are puffing and sweating to death because of the economies of scale factor…. that’s all I can remember from my Form 6 economics lessons… surely there are more factors to consider.  So we have to look at quality factor which is quite a subjective matter. Plus, our people’s mind-set is always “mat salleh” products are of high quality.

Well, it was really like that when I was younger, but mat salleh these days are also starting to copy what the Japanese and Chinese are doing. So they outsource their products all over Asia but since they are mat salleh, they can sell at much higher price and we are still willing to pay for it. 😉

Malaysians must strive to buy Malaysian products so that we can help each other. I know la, a bit mahal sikit but if Malaysian bosses can survive, more job opportunities for you or your family member. More people can cari makan 😀

Back to the LEGO thingy. If you want to try out the RM2.50 LEGO, you can check it out at Kaison store. They normally set up their business at shopping malls. Lots of affordable products there with very limited or no warranty at all. Go there if you run out of budget. Not recommended for long term use however.

China-Made Product And RM2.50 LEGO

11 thoughts on “China-Made Product And RM2.50 LEGO

  1. I hear China use some kind of chemical that can cause cancer to make the color of lego, so be careful don’t let your children bite or lick the cheap toy from China. I still prefer lego from US because of its durability and safety

    1. Thank you for the info Hudhairi. I always suspicious about the product anyway. By the way, would you mind provide us with the link to article that said the china made LEGO can cause cancer?

  2. alamak! boleh join si noradila nordin kumpul miniature ni.. hehehe

    maza tak berapa nak reti hargai lego..
    selalu let go jerk boleh?


  3. Kalau budget ciput, kira LEGo jugak ni 😀

    Apa pun.. budak-budak bukannya tahu ni bukan LEGO ori! hehe.. Walau ciplak, siap ada chop MC lagi tu.


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