Debate On Religion In Toilet

The pictures below was taken in a toilet in KK. I have a few more but the pictures are a bit blurry as my hand phone is not equipped to take pictures in a low light area. Even with the help of Photoshop, I don’t think you can see much of the real thing, so better put the clear one only lah. 😀 If you can read what they wrote then it is good for me and no need for me to explain further. A picture speaks a thousand words like many people always say. So there should be more than 1000 words already in the first para. Uncle Google surely will like this article.



I don’t normally take an interest in what people write at the toilet door. You always have the same view – nude drawings, profanities and girls’ phone numbers (real ka?). But then again ‘dulu lain sekarang lain’. It seems that kids today like to engage in more (shall I say intellectual?) discussion. Even in a toilet room! But, please lah don’t write God’s name in the toilet even if you are debating on religious matter. Or better, both of you leave your phone number, so you can meet out and debate the matter outside. 😉 Have a great day guys. Cheers!

Debate On Religion In Toilet

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