Facebook Advertising – An Effective Way to Market Your Business

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Social media is becoming more and more popular every day. A huge percent of individuals have Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social marketing accounts. But above all other social media accounts, Facebook seems to have the most number, and is now being used by most internet marketers at the same time.

As at February 2012, Facebook has over 845 million active users, which is a truly astounding figure and what more impressive are the 483 million people who log onto their Facebook page daily and the 900++ billion minutes that are spent on the site, checking statuses and chatting with friends.

Myself included 😀  So, it is not difficult to see why Facebook advertising is definitely something that most individuals concentrate on, since there is a huge target market, and more chances of generating new potential customers helping your online business succeed.

Now, let me ask you a simple question:

Have you ever seen some advertisements posted along the right part of your Facebook account?

You have, haven’t you?

Aside from these advertisements, there are more Facebook advertising options that you can make use of – and it’s free to use.

Facebook Pages – you’ve surely seen them.

Most celebrities have one of these pages. This allows fans to connect with their favorite stars, actors, singers and other famous personalities. But these pages are not just for big people – they can also be used to market your business and to become well-known all over the internet.

And the BEST thing about Facebook AdvertisingYou can advertise anything – your Facebook business page, your next company event or just provide a direct link to your business homepage.

Even if you choose not to have a business page created on Facebook, you can still advertise your website on its network.


Why Facebook Advertising?

One of the cool things about Facebook advertising is the ability select who sees your ad using a number of variables, including keywords. You can target by geography, age, gender, education, relationship status, workplace and keywords.

Demographics are pretty straightforward, the real trick is expanding your keywords to the point where you have a large enough audience to get the job done.

If you creating a business page on Facebook as way to reach your clients, then you must understand that to be successful in this campaign, you have to generate a huge number of fans. Try some marketing strategies that work.

Add your “like” sign in your blog or website. Offer your audience a little bit of something like:

“Like our page on Facebook and receive the latest coupon codes

– or anything similar to that. Give them a reason why they should like your page. This is the easiest way to get a huge number of fans, and as soon as you’ve accomplished this, you’ll be able to carry out your Facebook advertising strategies.

There is no doubt why businesses, big and small, have been using Facebook as their number one advertising tool.

With the huge audience, it’s actually more effective and easier.

– Facebook Advertising – An Effective Way to Market Your Business

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