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How To Find Jobs In Malaysia How To Find Jobs In Malaysia
Are you having difficulty to find jobs in Malaysia? No worry, though. We will guide you through this article and hopefully by the end... How To Find Jobs In Malaysia

Find Jobs In Malaysia

Are you having difficulty to find jobs in Malaysia? No worry, though. We will guide you through this article and hopefully by the end of the article, you will find a clear idea how to do it yourself. First, let’s look at some important numbers and statistic.

The number of unemployed adults in Malaysian as at June 2014 was 385,800 or 2.8% of our Labour Force.

The statistic made available by the Department of Statistics was measure based on the following formula:

job force

Thus, the real number of unemployed in this country could be even more and if we take into account foreigners looking for jobs in Malaysia as well, the number could be staggering. If you are a part of this statistic, then you might want to continue reading this article.

This article will try to look at the problems of finding jobs in Malaysia and how to overcome it.

Economic Booming And The Harsh Reality In Life

Although economy in Malaysia is blooming and recorded GDP growth of 4.7% (expanded 6.40 percent in the second quarter of 2014) with a high 6th ranking of doing business for 2104 from 189 economies [Source: The World Bank], there are still many struggling to cope to make ends meet.

The government has gone to the extent of providing cash subsidies via among others, BR1M scheme, to ease the burden of many Malaysians plus providing more job opportunities through government agencies and GLCs.

Unemployment In Malaysia


According to the statistic prepared by tradingeconomics.com, the unemployment rate has been steadily decreasing over the past few months and at 2.8%, Malaysia has one of the lowest rates in the world:

Unemployment rate world

Nonetheless, there are many Malaysians complaining about not getting a job in this country. This is quite normal and happens everywhere. Although there are jobs available, the demand far exceeded the offer.

Therefore to find jobs in Malaysia require more than preparing your resume and sending to the prospective employer, especially if you are demanding a better job that suits your qualification and interest.

Note that:

Today’s job search requires that you….

  • bring yourself to market
  • in ways that will open new doors,
  • build great connections,
  • and get your name out there as someone who will enhance an organization.

Therefore you should not just find jobs, submit your CV and do nothing about it. Get all your contact: friends, family or anyone who can help you to help you.

Recent studies have shown that 80% of jobs are found through networking.

Basic Job Search

OK, let‘s get back to basic first. Not all of you probably have good connection or network. Still, you should start doing it if you are looking for a perfect job for yourself.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make full use of the social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to create connection
  • Find anyone of your friends or family that knows someday in managerial capacity
  • Keep in touch with them. Expand your network online and offline
  • Never give up and keep trying

Common Ways to Find Jobs In Malaysia

Find jobs via Newspaper

This is one of the oldest methods and is still used by many Malaysians.  Nonetheless with the emergence of internet as a cheaper alternative advertisement solution means many companies have reverted to the new media and nowadays you will find less job ads in the newspaper.

However, it does not mean this method is already obsolete. I can still see many companies advertising job vacancies in the newspapers though it is not as many as 5 – 10 years ago.

Job Hunting Websites

There are many websites that provide service of listing job vacancies. If you haven’t been to one of the sites, you’ll be surprised to see how many jobs are available in Malaysia. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you are going to easily find your perfect job that suit your interest, fit your expertise and located at the area that you wanted the most.

Nonetheless, all these websites are good places for you to start your job hunting and try your luck by sending your CVs to prospective employers.

Among the famous job hunting websites in Malaysia are:

  • JobStreet.Com
  • MyStarJob.Com
  • JobsDB.com


Job Search

You will need to register, upload your CV and apply online.

Social Medias

jawatan kosong SPAD

Social media is getting more and more important in our daily life and it is not restricted to keeping updates with friends and family. If you haven’t registered with Facebook and LinkedIn, you should do it now.

Like as many FB pages as you can, especially those big-big companies and GLCs that have staff maintaining the page. You will see them posting job vacancies from time to time.

LinkedIn has massive potential to help you find a great position, if you know how to use it correctly. First, you’ll need to customize your LinkedIn profile in order to attract the right kind of attention. For example, your page should definitely include a professional (yet friendly) photo of yourself.

You can even customize your URL so that headhunters can find your profile more easily. Above all, your writing should be friendly and approachable, but still walking the fine line of being professional, too.

Here’s how to set up your LinkedIn profile to find a job:

How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile to Find a Job

Government Portals

Those looking for government posts should bookmark government portals. Many government agencies and GLC have a special page where they advertise job vacancies.

jawatan kosong Tabung Haji

Note that not all jobs posted will be filled. Sometimes businesses/government agencies post jobs with no intention of actually filling them. They’re looking for applicants to put in their files so that they have a supply of candidates when a job does open up.

Sometimes, job openings are real, but the management may have their own preferences or suddenly decide to promote someone internally.

Send Out Speculative Applications

Another method which is quite unconventional, is to send out speculative applications. This shows the employer that you are really interested to work in their company and have not just randomly stumbled across their advertisement.

Furthermore, a speculative application displays self-confidence and the conviction of being the right person for the company.

Landing A Job

Employers often look for a “perfect fit” that doesn’t exist. Many expect that the perfect candidate will just show up at their door. The problem is, it’s rare to find a person who’s exactly right, with all the relevant skills. People who can do everything an employer is looking for want to move to a higher job to further expand their skills.

Therefore, there’s a lack of fit, which also mean you can always have a good shot at landing a job that you apply for.

Learn to explain why you’d be good at a job you’re not perfect for.

A resume lists your skills, and a cover letter explains why you’d be great for a particular job.

If you’re not a perfect fit for the job, use your cover letter to explain how you can get the skills you’ll need and why you’d be a great fit for the company in general.

Last but not least, be calm and be prepared when you are called for interview. Do your homework on the company that you applied a job at and on the job itself.

Dress appropriately and speak with confidence during the interview.

Be polite, be precise and maintain eye contact throughout the interview.

All the best to you and may you find the right job in the near future.

– How To Find Jobs In Malaysia

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