I like to purchase snacks and crackers in bulk from a wholesaler near to my children’s school.  Oftentimes, when my kids’ classes are organizing a celebration, we also purchase stuffs for the whole class from there.  I bet teachers also get their supply of candies and cookies from there, too. You know, teachers like to motivate their pupils by offering candies, cookies or chocolates to motivate them to strive harder.  We all get to enjoy lower price and convenience when we purchase in bulk from a wholesaler.

Today, I was informed by the wholesaler that starting from next year, I would not be able to buy from them anymore, unless I have a licence to purchase from wholesalers.

I guess that means than only retailers can purchase from them, while consumers must get from the retailers.

She said it starts with the commencement of GST. What a bummer!

I know of schools and teachers that get their stationery straight from wholesalers, which minimizes their cost quite substantially as they don’t have to go through the middleman, nor buy at retail price.  Do you know how much paper, pen and other stationery used by teachers, especially the generous and caring ones?  What about kindergartens, nursery, etc, that usually purchase their materials and snacks directly from wholesalers?

GST & The Price of Consumer Goods

Although we are repeatedly informed that GST won’t affect the price of consumer goods,  the fact is since the rise of petrol costs, almost everything (including the mamak menu) has increased in price.  And when we can’t purchase straight from the wholesaler although we want to buy in bulk, that means we need to fork out more.  To me, that’s a double whammy – we suffer from increase in price and we are also denied the benefit of getting cheaper price when we buy in bulk.

Let’s think about that for a while…


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