Hari Raya Open House


This is a short article written by me after attending yet another Hari Raya Open House late last night. Thankfully , I’m not a YB or politician, otherwise my diary will be full of details of Hari Raya open house over the next few weeks. 😀

Hari Raya Open House

I still remember the day when I was still a kid and how we celebrated hari raya. I don’t remember about Hari Raya Open house though.

I think there is no such thing as Hari Raya open house then. Every day, you must open your house for others to come for Hari Raya. You must welcome everyone and cherish the spirit of. It’s like a festival and everyone looked forward for Hari Raya to come each year.  The preparations even started on the first week of Ramdahan, when everyone started to paint their house and by the end of the fasting month it was all about baking cookies and more cookies. Ha ha..

Collecting Duit Raya

The first day was tough for the parents. While we kids were busy going from one house to another, collecting ‘duit raya’, the parents were busy entertaining people coming to their house. It gets tougher for people like my dad who was a teacher and had many students eager to visit his house every day. It is normal to have more than a thousand people (mostly kids) come to our house on the first day. Sometimes it can be quite chaotic but all the trouble was worthwhile and I never hear my parents complain about it. They seemed to enjoy it and always put a big smile to those kids.

You hardly hear people in those generation complaining or ‘marah-marah’ (get angry) during those times. Those were the wonder years, I guess.

In the meantime, me and my siblings will do the PR thingy for our parents (or so to speak) he he.. I think we can easily cover around 20 to 30 houses per day or average around RM10 per day which was quite a lot at that time. Of course, we never really spend much time with all the money. Normally it went straight to the shop owner as we traded for fire crackers and toys.

Back To Normal Life

The celebration was over by the second week and we got back to our normal life after spending a week visiting friends and relatives. There was no open house invitation on the second week or on the last day of Syawal like we have today.

Hari Raya Open House

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