How Japanese Kids Learn To Multiply In Primary School

If you are having trouble teaching your kids maths or multiplication specifically, then you should have a look at the video below. It is a method used by the Japanese to teach their children multiplication at primary school. It is quite easy, really, and I tried it with my kids and found it is very easy to use and understand. It really helps them to calculate faster, even the bigger numbers.

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See the example on the above picture. Do pay attention to the lines and circles.  They may not make any sense at first, but according to William C. at

“The lines over the circles are color coded. Notice the single red line and 3 blue lines representing “13″ groups together while the single green and 2 black lines take their own group. To do the multiplication, simply draw your first group of lines in one direction then your second group of lines going over the first, count the groups of intersections and there’s your answer”.


See the explanation in the video below.


This thirteen-minute video talks about the underlying mathematics of this alternate approach to multiplication and how we think about mathematics. When you look at the underlying mathematics, it’s not that much different than the traditional way we do multiplication. The only difference is the approach where the children use more graphics then numbers. Using this method, Japanese children can perform multiplication using a graphical technique that doesn’t involve memorizing multiplication tables or performing rote manipulations. Your kids can do it too. It’s a piece of cake, really.

Note: Not included in the video is an improved “baseball” version of multiplying graphically, but you can find this on the internet and social Medias such as YouTube and Facebook.

How Japanese Kids Learn To Multiply In Primary School

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  1. Teknik nie boleh pakai untuk 3 digit ke?
    taktik nie lebih kurang je yg cikgu math sy ajar time kat primary school dl.

  2. teknik yang menarik. cepat pulak tu. sebelum ni pun ada teknik yang lebih kurang macam ni tapi panjang sikit. yang ni nampak lagi mudah. boleh try ni.

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