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Are you thinking of buying a car or a house but too busy to drive to all the many banks in town and suffer the traffic jams just to get their quotations?  Suffer no more.  I suggest you remain in front of your computer, iPad, etc and visit and you’ll still be able to get the various details that you need.

At, you will find cool tools that could definitely save you time, sweat and money – in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

What Is iMoney?

iMoney is Malaysia’s definitive bank comparison website that exists for the sole purpose of helping all Malaysians make quick, well-informed decisions for ALL banking products and services currently in the market.

iMoney helps us to compare financial products and find a deal that suits our specific needs the best.

With iMoney, it’s really easy to compare all the offers available and to know our options.

For example, take a look at their Car Loan section. Say you’re dreaming of purchasing a Honda CR-V (OTR from RM148,800-00), and wondering whether (and where) to apply for a loan of RM120,000-00 with a repayment period of 5 years, 7 years or 9 years.

How much are the monthly installments?

Here’s a screenshot of the info provided after you’ve decided on the car model, the loan amount and the repayment period:

Honda CRV loan

loan 120k

loan rate

See how easy it is for you to get the numbers and make a comparison, without needing to hop from one bank premises to another, with stacks of papers in hand.

There’s no need to waste paper and even waste time looking into each bank’s website.

If you want to get more info, just click the ‘Proceed’ button and you’ll get this form:

request car loan quote 2

Isn’t it convenient?

According to the FAQ section in iMoney all our enquiries and applications are meticulously processed by their dedicated iMoney team, who will ascertain the most suitable products and proceed to contact us through online medium or by phone.

That service is FREE and is available online 24 hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

Aside from credit card, there are also other sections such as Credit Card, Home Loan, Personal Loan, Fixed Deposits, Other Deposits, Investment, Insurance and Articles.  There are also info on Syariah compliant products and other options such as Islamic credit cards, Islamic home loans, home loans for government servants, etc.

I personally find the section on ‘Articles’ to be very informative and useful.  Among the articles that I find particularly interesting is ‘How Credit Cards Can Afford To Offer Rewards’ regarding merchants who ask customer to pay extra for using credit cards instead of cash, where it is stated:

However, take note that according to a report by The Star some time back, this practice is actually not allowed in Malaysia and should be reported to the Authorities, as seen in the following statement:

Credit-card users who are told to pay extra if they use their cards instead of cash should be aware that merchants are not allowed to impose merchant fees on users as stipulated in the card associations’ operating regulations.

I faced that scenario a few years back, and I merely chose not to do business with that particular merchant.  Don’t know whether it is still happening here though.  But at least, now I know that it is actually not allowed.

Of course there are many more articles on the site including info about PR1MA, income tax returns, common home loan mistakes, etc, all specially tailored to the Malaysian situation.

Visit iMoney Now

So, do visit even if it’s only to know how much your dream car or dream home would cost you monthly and be more financially savvy through their informative articles.

iMoney –  Convenience At The Click Of Your Fingers

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