Kalau Aku Kaya: Parking At 14th Floor Luxury Apartment

14th floor parking

In their hit song ‘Kalau Aku Kaya’, Altimet and Awi Rafael had spelled out several ways to spend money if you are KAYA (rich): “Kalau aku kaya, Hari-hari Hari Raya, Bil-bil jiran keluarga, Aku belanja selamba, Kalau aku kaya, Aku beli segalanya, Bungkuskan semua, Hadiahkan pada mama”.

Yup, paying bills for your pals and buy presents for your mum.

Or fix all holes on the road and subsidize the price of sugar. All sounds pretty charitable and not enough mention on personal thingy except the part on hiring Shumey as driver and traveling in a helicopter.

In truth, many people will spend more of their money for personal pleasure than charitable or noble purposes. Buy expensive cars or big mansion or kalau yang gatal sikit (playboy), paying the cost of cosmetic surgery for girlfriend like Facebook founder Eduardo Saverin did for his beloved Ms Kum.

Of course, when you are rich, you no longer travel in Proton and Produa. Even, Nissan GTR sounds like a cheap option.

You may want to own a Ferrrari or Lamborgini or Bentley and park it in front of your S$ 7.5 million 14th floor ‘luxury’ Sky Garage apartment via ensuite elevated garage.

Well, that’s how life is Kalau Aku Kaya.

Hopefully not lah.. 😀

luxury apartment parking
Pic credit: www.conceptrends.com
Pic credit: www.conceptrends.com

By the way, if you are rich, please don’t look down on poor people like an expatriate at Singapore recently. The wealth manager had to flee to Australia following a public uproar over his complaints on social media about “poor people” riding public transport while his Porsche was in for repairs.

You can read the story HERE.

– Kalau Aku Kaya: Parking At 14th Floor Luxury Apartment

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