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MyKad Smart Shopper Program: Enjoy Discount Through MyKad MyKad Smart Shopper Program: Enjoy Discount Through MyKad
Before we get to MyKad Smart Shopper Program (MSSP), first of all, please tell me “How many of you own a Bonus Link card”?... MyKad Smart Shopper Program: Enjoy Discount Through MyKad

MyKad Smart Shopper works

Before we get to MyKad Smart Shopper Program (MSSP), first of all, please tell me “How many of you own a Bonus Link card”?

Of course you have, right? Many Malaysians are most likely to carry Bonus Link card in the wallet or purse and enjoy huge benefits thorough points redemption.

How about discount card?

Popular Book Card?

1Malaysia Card?

Well, the number might be less but still, I’m pretty sure many people uses discount card at certain outlet that they frequently visit. Why pay more when you can get it for a lot less?

And talking about less, please don’t forget about Hostgator 30% off promo that I posted previously in this blog.

It is still ON but for a limited time only. 😀

For those collecting discount cards (ouch, is there such a hobby?), you might want to add to your collection by applying for “MyKad Smart Shopper” program.

I just stumbled across this program while browsing a fellow blogger’s blog and I thought it would be nice to share with my readers here.

After all, ‘sharing is caring’, right?

What Is MyKad Smart Shopper Program (MSSP)?

Well, I’m also new to this program (belum khatam lagi 😉 ). But, like other discount cards or retail reward program, you can enjoy discounts upon purchase at participating merchants. You can check the list of merchants in their website or download the MSSP Aps at iTunes.

It’s FREE to download and the Aps is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, etc.

Check out MSSP at iTunes HERE.

The MSSP Discover app allows members to view, find and locate nearby and all participating merchants in the MyKad Smart Shopper program.

I hope you do read this article to the very end. I would not promote this MyKad Smart Shopper Program here if what you get from this program is just like any other discount card program. MyKad Smart Shopper Program is a discount card program with a ‘twist’.

You might like to hear what the twist is. So, do read on…

Ah ha, you are still reading, right? Ok, that’s good. Let me give you some brief introduction about MyKad Smart Shopper Program. This is a privately managed retail program offering discounts and rewards.

It is wholly owned by I Synergy Universal Sdn Bhd (ISU) and available FREE to ALL Malaysians who register using their MyKad through AJ Affiliates or Authorized Agencies.

Note two things there:

  1. Registration via MyKad. – You will not be given another card to carry in your wallet. Just show your MyKad to enjoy the discount.
  2. AJ Affiliates – AJ stand for Affiliate Junction. Most of you that make money from affiliate program should know what AJ is. Affiliate Junction (AJ) (www.aj.my)  is Malaysia’s first and leading affiliate network. It sort like our very own Clickbank. Hmm. If AJ is involved, then it means there are extra money to be made from this program, right?

After you have registered with this program, you can start to enjoy the benefits and collect AJ points reward.

We will get to that part later.

By the way, MyKad Smart Shopper Program is co-promoted and supported by the National Registration Department (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) and Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

The main objective is to offer a mutually rewarding retail privilege and discount program for Malaysian consumers as well as retailers.

How To Sign Up For MyKad Smart Shopper Program?

You need to visit MyKad Smart Shopper website and click on “Sign Up”. There are 3 options given: Sign up as Member, Merchants or Affiliate. Unless you have a business selling goods and services, then your choice is limited to member and affiliate.

Fill up the application form and click ‘sign up’. It’s FREE and NO annual fee. You will then have to wait for them to contact you and activate your MyKad.

Alternatively, contact this Anuar GUY for help. 😀

What Are The Benefits of MyKad Smart Shopper Program?

There are many benefits that you can gain from this program but the main attractions will be:

  • Discount on purchase at participating outlets (up to 20%)
  • Redemption bonus – For every RM1 spent at MyKad Smart Shopper Program participating merchant outlets, you will earn 1 AJ Point. So, you better start accumulating your smart points today to redeem cool merchandise from Affiliate Junction.
  • Earn money through their affiliate program – This one is quite limited. So you would be lucky to be selected as an affiliate and promote this program to all Malaysians. Those who have been selected have already went to distances to promote this program. If you are selected, you obviously need lots of catch up to do. 😀

MyKad Smart Shopper Guide

I suggest you download the MSSP Aps once they accepted you as a member. With constantly updated list of participating merchants, MSSP members will not miss out on any new participating merchants and the exclusive discounts and retail privileges again.

There are many of them. If you have an iPhone and you are a member, then this Aps will definitely help a lot.

After downloading the Aps, you can view all participating merchants by region or by business categories, in list or map view. You can also find & locate nearby or all participating merchants wherever you are (when your location services are on).

You can view details of each participating merchant: contact info, location on map, MSSP offers.

Plus, you can tap on merchants contact info to call/ email and et directions to get to merchant outlets on iOS native map.

Download the MSSP Aps to learn more.


Pic credit: iTunes

Oh ya, if you using Android instead, you can download MyKad Smart Shopper Aps (MSSP) from Google Play. It’s free as well and has been downloaded by more than 5,000 users to date.

I think that is all that I need to say about this program. If I’m not too lazy, I’ll update this page once I get more info. Those interested should make a move now. At least, visit MyKad Smart Shopper website or contact the Anuar Guy. 😀

– MyKad Smart Shopper Program: Enjoy Discount Through MyKad

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