Poslaju Malaysia and Cupcakes

PosLaju Malaysia

I like the Poslaju man who delivers at my mom-in-law’s area. He is very courteous and smart at using his discretion according to the circumstances. Take our case for example. My mom-in-law’s mobility is currently limited due to a recent fibula fracture. He understands her inability to come to the door and he doesn’t insist for her to come to the door to receive the parcel and sign the acknowledgment slip. As soon as the main automatic gate opens, he drives in, writes down her name and signs it himself.

He leaves the parcel in front of the door for any one of us to pick up later. So convenient.

Poslaju Malaysia

With the arrival of email and such, there are considerably less letters, postcards and cards mailed out. I thought that would be the end of our postal system. But it seems that with the rise of petrol prices, the rush hour, slow traffic, higher parking fees, etc, people are resorting to online purchases and Poslaju is becoming more and more popular as a method of delivering parcels because the service is fast and comparably cheaper than the others.

Poslaju Fact

Poslaju Malaysia has become so popular that on one of those occasional times when we had to pick our parcel at the Post Office, the Poslaju section is filled with so many customers coming for their stuff that we find ourselves waiting for more than half an hour, even though it’s not anywhere near to Raya or any other festivals.

I do believe online purchases are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, especially among the ladies. 😀

Online Purchases

Online Purchases

Speaking about online purchases, don’t you wish you could buy cakes and cupcakes online and them delivered to your doorstep the same instant? The best that we could hope for is ‘next day delivery‘ and by then, the cupcakes won’t taste as nice since it’s not fresh from the oven. Nothing beats the taste and smell of ‘fresh from the oven‘ cakes and cupcakes.

Even without toppings and creams, they taste superb.


In case you’ve never made your own cupcakes, you might want to check out this link:


It’s a charming tutorial by Puan Nur Syahidah conducted in Malay language using easy to find ingredient and tools that will instantly get you baking your own cupcake like a pro. Everything you need to know will be sent to you by email and a CD will follow not long afterwards by post.

The great thing about this tutorial is that the author/maker can be contacted through her FB page if there are any questions or comments).

Poslaju Malaysia and Cupcakes

11 thoughts on “Poslaju Malaysia and Cupcakes

  1. suka guna poslaju heeee..barang akan cepat sampai btw ikut lokasi jugalah.setakat ini barang lepas ke sabah sarawak luar negar best sangat-sangat.

  2. POS MALAYSIA has widely coverage but the bill a bit costly, providing wanna to involve in parcel business.

    Normally, we use small medium courier services enterprise, which the services have been tested and reliable. We signed-up a MoU, thus we can enjoy the business terms with manageable cost.

    However, sometimes we used Pos Malaysia especially when the receiver’s address is not under coverage by the courier service company.

      1. Yeap….
        I’m talking about if we send the parcel between peninsula of Malaysia.

        For example sending parcel weight about 10kg to Kelantan from KL via S.P.Y transport the cost only $11.00.

        With the same parcel and using Pos Malaysia servuces the cost is more. At least $20.00.

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