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I just realized that I am such a lucky chap and am beaming my face off from ear to ear! Why is that?  Well, let me share a secret, since I registered my Starbucks Card online, I have had 4 complimentary handcrafted beverages!

Yup, you read it right – FOUR (4) complimentary Starbucks handcrafted beverages!

Granted, ti’s not like winning a car or something, but isn’t it delightful to get free drinks anyway?

How did I do it?

Well, my starbucks Card tracker shows that I have purchased 10 beverages, well, together with my wife, of course, as we have 2 cards registered under my name.  Upon my 1st registration of the Starbucks card, I was instantly rewarded with 1 complimentary handcrafted beverage.

Then, upon reaching my/our 10th purchase, I was entitled to one (1) more complimentary beverage.

I knew it when I checked my account online, and the Barista was also nice enough to inform me when I asked, to be certain.

That makes 2 free drinks.

Where are the other 2?

Starbuck account

Online Survey

About 2 weeks ago, when I went to reload my Starbucks Card, upon payment, the receipt rolled out an online survey for me. I answered the survey and was immediately rewarded with a complimentary handcrafted beverage which I could redeem within 14 days.

Yesterday, the receipt unexpectedly coughed out another survey for me!  Yippee! That’s four (4) free drinks within 22 days of registering online.

Of course, I could have saved more bucks if I have the Starbucks tumbler/mug, but I am not yet used to bringing my own reusable bag yet, let alone a mug/tumbler.

Starbuck Survey

Starbuck Survey Qs

Baverage Order Code

So, if you are a Starbuck-goer, get the Starbucks Card

Who knows, you might be the lucky ones!

– Register Your Starbucks Card Online & Enjoy The Benefits

4 thoughts on “Register Your Starbucks Card Online & Enjoy The Benefits

  1. bang mail… starbuck x der kaitan dgn Israel kan?

    tak naklah dah penat2 isi borang ambil kad bagai, tiba2 nak kena boikot dia org pulak..


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