Sabah State Library E-Books

Being a member of the state library and having kids who love books, we visit the Library @ Suria around three times a month, usually on the weekend. We chose family membership, so we can borrow 20 books at a time. And that means constantly having to look for the books all over the house and the car when it’s time to return them.

I know that the library also offers E-Books but I have not bothered to look at them before. But when I finally did have a look at the titles available (and the collection is continuously increasing at a rate much faster than the books), I must say, I am very interested to get my hands on them. I could borrow 6 at a time, no problem. After the lending period is over (I could choose 7, 14 or 21 days period), I guess the book will automatically be returned, but I’m not sure got to see in a week’s time. Still, this means I don’t have to drive to the library nor hussle the kids to get their books ready.

Sabah State Library E-Books
Pic credit: Sabah State Library

For those who would like to enjoy the E-Book, just drop by the Sabah State Library, become a member and request for an online ID.  I got my online ID within a day and I have just borrowed an E-Book for my kid.  Then I realised that I couldn’t open the E-Book because I didn’t have the Adobe Digital Editions.  That problem was solved in a jiffy.  I just download the free version from Adobe and it was over in a few minutes.

Now, I can enjoy the E-Book at my leisure, without having to drive to the library. 😀

– Sabah State Library E-Books

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