How To Shop On Lazada Malaysia?

Lazada Malaysia Online Shopping

When it comes to electrical goods, books, tech-gadgets and even certain types of clothing, I have greatly reduced the frequency of buying at shops or shopping mall for quite some time now. Apart from avoiding the traffic jams and facing the difficulty of getting parking space, I find that shopping online is much easier, cheaper, and offers a wider range of items to choose from compared to the conventional shops. Unless, of course I need them urgently, then the better option is always to order online and wait for it to be delivered at my doorstep.

It really is safe, convenient and saves me plenty of time and money.

Lazada App

Lazada Malaysia Online Shopping

There are many websites that I can pick to shop online but my favourite will always be Lazada Malaysia. Their website is user-friendly, have so many items to choose from and fast on delivery. Normally, I only need to wait between 48 to 72 hours from the moment I placed my order and walla, the GDex guy is ready at my doorstep to deliver my order.

So far, none of the goods delivered to me were lost, damaged or broken. So, good job Lazada & GDex! Well done!

Lazada Malaysia 4

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Ordering From Lazada

The best time to shop at Lazada is always at the end of the year, when they offer huge discounts as they work to clear out their stock.  However, you can still get some of the goods at their store at a very low price from time to time. Do check out the offers using your Smartphone or laptop during your free time or at the coffee shop. Most of the orders I made were done at coffee shops or inside my car while waiting for my kids at their schools.

Here’s how Lazada store looks like on Smartphone App:

Lazada App 2

And here’s how it looks like on your laptop or desktop:

Lazada Malaysia

Claim RM 10 Voucher

Before you make any purchase, do subscribe to Lazada’s newsletter first and claim their FREE RM10 voucher. The button is at the top right of your screen. Click it and fill up your information and verify your e-mail address.

Lazada Malaysia 2

How to Shop at Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia 3

First browse Lazada’s website or App and search for the product that you want. You can check the product’s specification, size, price, color, etc by clicking on the product’s image. If necessary, do open another tab on your windows and make a price comparison with other websites that sell the same product online. Usually, the price is about the same except those on “sale”.

Still, I would rather buy at Lazada simply because I know the transaction is safe and I would receive my order within 3 days.

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Lazada Malaysia 5

Once you decided to buy the product, click “By Now” button. Proceed to checkout if that’s all you want to purchase or continue browsing if you would like to add more products to your shopping cart.

To make payment (GST included), you will need an account. Therefore, you must have an e-mail address. Enter your e-mail address (see screenshot below) and click “continue”.

Lazada Malaysia 6

Next, you are required to fill up your shipping information, i.e the address where you want the product to be delivered to. Make sure the address is reachable and easier for the courier service company to find you.  If you wish to have a different billing address, click on the appropriate box (see screenshot below).

Lazada Malaysia 7

Making Payments

Choose the payment method that you prefer. I normally use Maybank2u online banking, so I click on “Online Banking”. Alternatively, you can also use credit/debit card or even Paypal (not recommended at this point of time because of the depreciation of ringgit against US dollar). Don’t forget to use your RM10 voucher by filling up the form with your voucher code. It’s on the right side of your screen. See below:

Lazada Malaysia 8

Click “Place Your Order” to make payment.

Lazada Malaysia 9
You will receive the confirmation and order number via SMS and e-mail. They will also send you the GDex tracking number, so you can track the whereabouts of your product online on GDex’s website.

confirmation order

Lazada shipping

According to Lazada Malaysia website, delivery will take about 5 to 7 days but in my experience, it normally reaches me within 3 days. Others may have had different experience when ordering from Lazada. So, please share with us your experience here. Thank you.

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How To Shop On Lazada Malaysia

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