Starbucks 2013 Organizer/Planner


Malaysian Starbucks 2013 Planner, can be purchased at all Starbucks Outlets in Malaysia at a whopping RM138 (sold at the Philippines: at about RM119) or redeemed for free upon purchase of 15 Starbucks handcrafted beverage.

It comes with a pouch and there is a choice of 2 shades, red or brown. Being a die-hard fan of Man Utd since forever, I picked red, of course.

Starbuck-Planner2012It starts with pages for December 2012, so I have started filling it with my plans for next year.  I hope for next year, Starbucks Malaysia will come up with more goodies and interesting design choices for its 2014 Planner.

For those who have redeemed the Starbucks 2013 Planner, they are also eligible to buy the second Planner at RM45 only.

– Starbucks 2013 Organizer/Planner

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