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My wife is an on and off gardener.  Only the hardiest plants survive in our small front and backyard garden, eg, the coconut tree, palm tree, mango tree and some low maintenance flowers.  😉 But she loves the green, even if they are mere weeds or lalang.

Our mango tree, planted in 2008, still hasn’t grace us with any fruit but we love it for providing us with a backyard shade.

Someone advised us to chop it down and plant a ‘better’ mango tree, but she couldn’t.

When she sees a tree being unnecessarily chopped down, she would start reminding our kids about the importance of plants for our environment.

Our little garden is a mess, but it’s cooling.  And many a sunny day that my kids have played in the afternoon near to the trees and not feel the heat.

Starbucks’ Grounds For Your Garden

In my last posting, I wrote about the plants that my wife purchased at May Nursery.  To ensure a better life for the new plants and to provide better nourishment for our ‘senior’ plants (especially the mango tree), she has decided to try out the coffee grounds provided for free by Starbucks.

I think she  read about it from Starbucks brochureGrounds For Your Garden’.

According to Starbucks website, used coffee grounds provide a valuable source of nutrition for the garden and can be applied directly to the garden (soil), adding brown materials such as dried leaves to keep a balanced soil pH.

Now, isn’t that wonderful?

Starbucks Grounds For Your Garden

Starbucks 1Borneo

Although the site only mentions Starbucks 1Borneo, she still inquired the Starbucks outlet at Warisan Plaza and the new outlet at 1Borneo, but their coffee grounds were not yet available.  But the other outlet at 1Borneo, the one next to Dome, was wonderful!

We were actually touched by the staff/Barista’s eagerness to hand us all 4 packets of coffee ground, but we took only 2 (each were quite heavy, by the way).

It was a Friday afternoon, and the staff even volunteered to help carry the packets to our car, which my wife declined, as I was there to ‘assist’.

The things we do for our wife! 😀

Starbucks Grounds For Your Garden 2

Starbucks Grounds For Your Garden 3

We used 1 packet, and gave the other to my mom-in-law, an avid gardener.  She also has a tree that hasn’t borne any fruit yet, specifically a durian tree as old as my eldest son!  I must say, a whiff of that black stuff really is amazing – pure coffee aroma!

It has been 3 day since our plants have been absorbing pure coffee grounds and so far, they look happy but let’s wait a month more before I hand out the final verdict.

– Starbucks: Grounds For Your Garden

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