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Gin & Jacqie™ is a line of captivating, functional, everyday bags created by Jacqueline Ng.  It is hard not to be taken by those practical and stylish, yet affordable, bags.

The fundamental design principle of Gin & Jacqie™ is the creation of bags that provide long lasting utility, practicality and an unpretentious fashion focus set at palatable prices whilst maintaining a high level of quality.

Materials and fabrics are selected to be durable, low on maintenance and wardrobe-friendly.

art with heart dulu lain sekarang lain

Gin & Jacqie™’s Art With Heart

Gin & Jacqie™  recently promoted Art with Heart,  an specially designed ‘Gin & Jacqie’ totebag in support of refugee children in Malaysia under a fundraising initiative called “Art With Heart: A Refugee Art Project” where proceeds from the sales of the bags went towards refugee education.

The artwork titled ‘Love – a dedication to mother’ was created by 14 year-old Mary, a refugee whose family fled from Myanmar due to human rights issues they faced in the country. Mary is an orphan, now living with her grandparents in Malaysia.

She lost her mother a few short months ago, and her pain inspires her art.

The Gin & Jacqie™ Shop

9 thoughts on “The Gin & Jacqie™ Shop

  1. Gin & Jacqie™ are obviously very imaginative and creative people and there is no limit to expose their interest. Love the way the love is mark on the beg by the harmonies colors. Layan, hanya RM24 😉

  2. Beg yg atas sekali tu praktikal..buleh terus mskkan dlm hanbeg lain dan memudahkan kaum wanita nak tukar2 h/beg..

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