The New Starbucks Card 2013


In spite of all my criticisms toward Starbucks handling of their 2013 planner: “Caveat Emptor: Starbucks Planner 2014”, I have no immediate plan to stop drinking my favorite coffee nor do I plan to say more about the issue.

I have spoken out my dissatisfaction in my blog and on Starbucks Facebook page and even wrote to them about it.

I hope they took the criticisms in the positive manner and strive to improve especially in customer services as it was one of their strongest points that made them a reputable brand all over the world. Enough said and I’ve rested my case, it is time to talk about something else.

For this posting….

The New Starbucks Card 2013.

For 2013, Starbucks has introduced two new cards for its member. It is the limited edition Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day Starbucks Card.

I have the Chinese New Year card. See picture above. Looks nice, don’t you think? I plan to give my wife the other one, maybe on the Valentine’s Day 😀 . You can link both cards to your account, transfer the credit, share with your live ones, etc.

Same like the old Starbucks Card.

The only difference is these two look more stylish and nicer.

The card is as always FREE but you must register it with a minimum top up of RM50. A bit expensive than the older Starbucks card, but it is expected since they are the limited version with better design.

For more info, please visit your nearest Starbucks store.

– The New Starbucks Card 2013

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