Video: Hybrid Grouper aka Sabah Grouper

Grouper Hybrid

When I posted the article “Hybrid Grouper & Co“, it completely slipped my mind that I had also recorded a video of Hybrid Grouper inside their super-large tank at the The Marine Aquarium & Museum UMS. I was thinking about updating the post, but then again, why not create another post specially for this wonderful creature.

Afterall, this fish has many fans in Malaysia. Hmmm..anyone like to eat “Kerapu Masak Tiga Rasa” or “Kerapu Masak Stim Lemon“? How about “Kerapu Hybrid Masak Tiga Rasa“? Wanna try?

Hybrid Grouper aka Ikan Kerapu

A bit about the Hybrid Grouper –  It is actually a new type of ‘grouper‘ or “Ikan Kerapu” as it is known here. It was created via cross-breed process (kacukan) done by researches from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Malaysia, in collaboration with other researchers across the world. The breakthrough was achieved in 1996 when the researchers successfully cross-bred two species of grouper (kerapu) to come up with the world’s first hybrid of its kind.

And so a giant grouper (E lanceolatus)/ tiger grouper (E fuscoguttatus) hybrid, dubbed the “Sabah Grouper” was created.

The Unique Sabah Grouper

Initially, the “unique Sabah Grouper was taking the market by storm, commanding very high prices and rating highly in terms of taste and texture (the most important qualities of LRFF). However these prices have dropped dramatically and are down to USD10-12 per kilogram mostly because of oversupply and commonness. You can read the story at: WWF Global website.

I haven’t used Windows Movie Maker for video editing for quite some time , so my apologies for the poor quality of the video and of course the creepy and sad/frightening background music. I will try to do better next time. Thank you for viewing the video that I created.

One question before you go:

Have you tried ‘Sabah Grouper’ or ‘Kerapu Sabah’? Leave your answer in the comment box below. Thank you and have a great day.

Video: Hybrid Grouper aka Sabah Grouper


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