A YES for Proton Iriz

Proton Iriz

Proton did a promo for Proton Iriz in KK last week. So, I finally got the chance to have a closer look at their new baby. I didn’t get a chance to test drive it, though. But then again, who am I to talk about the technical aspect of the car? πŸ˜€

All I can say is that I like what I see.

Yup, seriously!

I don’t normally spend my time writing about a car if I don’t think that particular car is worth any space in my bog.

So, Proton Iriz is a YES for me.

Maybe I should buy it for my dear wife (should she finally get her driving licence πŸ˜‰ ).

Proton Iriz

Iriz engine

Proton Iriz is powered by new Campro engines (1.3 and 1.6 litre) and theΒ  price range is between 40k to 60k. I must say it looks small or rather cute from the outside but inside it is quite spacious like Myvi.

They put a few cool gadgets to the car, push start button and some model were equipped with six AIRBAGS. Hmmm.. a feature that my wife will definitely hate.

There is also five-star ANCAPcrash test” rating logo sticked inside which may mean the car is much tougher than its predecessor?

Proton Iriz 2

Proton Iriz 3

Proton Iriz 4

How about you? Has anyone test-driven or even brought one?

Do you mind sharing your experience with us?

Thank you.

A YES for Proton Iriz

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  1. Just test drive and look closed to this Iriz… what can i say, nice move from proton. Much better than Myvi…. fully safety function walaupun standard iRiz model…

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