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Covid-19 Experience

by Ismail N   ·  7 months ago   ·  

So I finally got Covid 19. Not an achievement that I’m proud of or will cherish in my life but something that I feel worth sharing in this blog. My experience might be different from others’, hence always remember that when you read something in a blog or other social media platform, please take it with a pinch of salt.

The Symptoms

I was treated as Category 2A, i.e covid positive with symptoms. I knew I will get it as soon as someone very close to me tested positive. Well, it only took 2 days before two lines appeared in my Covid test kit. Shit happens but now is time for some contingency plan.

Thank God, we are prepared for that. I have tools ready in my house – Pulse Oximeter, thermometer, blood pressure monitor and some medicines to fight fever and other symptoms.

There were days that I feel I want to die ha ha.. The fever was so bad. Almost 40’C and made my head wanna explode. My throat was so sore. I didn’t feel like eating for a few days. I can’t remember how many litres of warm water I drank to ease the suffering. My oxygen level was also quite low (between 92 to 94).

Breathing was also an issue. Going out for fresh air or sitting next to an opened window did help.

The After Effects

After 5 -6 days, I feel ok again but not so ok. There are after effects from Covid 19. Even when you are cleared by KKM (MySejahtera turned blue), you can feel the effect.
Breathing is still an issue. I was doing Pokemon Go Johto tour event last Saturday. Normally, during a big event like this, I could cover 10-20 km. Not this time.

I also still feel lethargic and coughing every 2 -3 hours or so. Some people reported trouble sleeping as part of the after effect. Thank God, I do sleep well. Maybe because I forced myself to do boring activities and watch boring movies.

I don’t know how long this will last. A friend told me he had this issue for 2 months before everything turned back normal again. Those who had Covid before, feel free to comment and share your experience.

Thank you for reading this guys. Stay safe.


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