Sunday,20 August,2017

About Us

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Dulu Lain Sekarang Lain literally means ‘the past is different than the present“.

What it means to us is, this blog has evolved from a personal blog created by its creator to a resourceful and informative blog that makes us very proud.

Our Objective

To date, we have published more than 1,0oo entries in this blog with three authors contributing to the outputs.  We are looking forward to another 1,000 and hope our readers will continue their support and propel us into another level, i.e becoming an AUTHORITY blog in this country.

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What You Can Get From This Blog

Most of our contents were made to tailor local needs. Therefore you will find many articles on travelling inside this country, laws, brands and local products. As much as we can, we endevour to provide an honest and thorough review and we hope our readers will appreciate our efforts.


Thank You

Thank you for visiting this blog. Feel free to leave your feedback on our comment box.