Crazy Bowling Trick Shots With Jason Belmonte

crazy bowling tricks
This video was recorded back in June 2014. It shows the Professional Bowlers Association‘s (PBA) number one ranked bowler, Jason Belmonte team up with those crazy guys from Dude Perfect to create this compilation of incredible bowling trick shots. It shows, among other, some impossible spare-making shots, shots that narrowly miss people and strikes in very difficult courses.

I think you’d enjoy watching this six minutes video, especially if you are one of the bowlers that are currently participating in UMS Kota Kinabalu International Open 10-Pin Bowling Tournament and waiting for your turn to squad.


Jason Belmonte Dude Perfect

 Jason Belmonte

Jason Belmonte, as many of you already know is an Australian ten-pin bowler famous for using the rare two handed “shovel” style to deliver his shot. Before joining the PBA tour, Belmonte won the European Bowling Tour title, the Brunswick Euro Challenge  and the World Tenpin Masters Championship 2007. To date, he has won 10 PBA titles. [Malaysia Best Blog 2015]

In 2013, he became the third foreign-born player (after Amleto Monacelli and Mika Koivuniemi) to win the prestigious “Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year” award.

I have always admired his powerful technique and how his ball reacts on the lane. It’s pure beauty and an absolutely difficult technique to master. Many have tried to copy his technique but Belmonte has truly perfected the art. He can even do many things with the ball using that awkward looking throwing style. Just watch the video again and enjoy.
Plus, enjoy his perfect 300 game below:

Crazy Bowling Trick Shots With Jason Belmonte

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