Formula One Is Getting Boring But Don’t Blame Vettel For It

Formula One

Sabastian Vettel is fast becoming the greatest Formula One driver of all time (at least in term of number of titles won) but you can bet that his fans aren’t increasing.

In fact it is probably dwindling even as we speak. The incident when he was ‘booed’ at Singapore GP shows that his total domination in the past four years does not augur well with Formula One fans. His win at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix yesterday is his 11th of the season and seventh in succession.

Formula One Record

The win kept the 26-year-old four-time champion on target to tie with Alberto Ascari’s 50-year-old record of nine consecutive wins and Michael Schumacher’s record of 13 wins in a season. The way things are going at the moment, the matter looks likely to be purely academic. Unless something catastrophic happens (and I’m not wishing for it), Sabastian Vettel will win the remaining two grand prix in US and Brazil and seal his name in the record book.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

At the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Vettel, starting second, passed his Red Bull’s team mate, Mark Webber into turn one and never looked remotely troubled thereafter . He finished 30 seconds ahead of Webber and the German celebrated his seventh successive victory with some crowd-pleasing spins beneath the floodlights of Abu Dhabi’s opulent Yas Marina Circuit.

He could have done his doughnuts at the start of the race and still won at a canter, such is the advantage he enjoys over his rivals. That is certainly bad news for Formula One and some might wonder how many will turn up at US and Brazil Grand Prix just to see who finish runners-up to the prolific German racer.

To be fair, it is not Vettel’s fault that thing has gone this way.

Sabastian Vettel is just being professional and hungry as ever – a trait only found in true champions of sports.

Formula One fans have witnessed such champions in Michael Schumacher, Aryton Senna and many others before them.

The only problem is Vettel is racing on a machine that is far too superior to his rivals.

It must be noted that Abu Dhabi Grand Prix marked the third time one-two finish by the Red Bull Racing-Renault team this season.  The Red Bull also holds a massive 179 points lead over Team Mercedes in the constructor’s standing. Such superiority makes you believe that even our Alex Young (with due respect) may be able to finish on podium with Red Bull Racing’s car. 😀

So, the onus is on Mercedes, Ferrari, etc. to produce cars that can help the likes of Fernando Alonso, Kimi Räikkönen and  Lewis Hamilton to challenge Sabastian Vettel next season. I really hope they can do that, otherwise it is going to be one hell of a boring Formula One season next year!

Formula One Is Getting Boring But Don’t Blame Vettel For It

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  1. Kak Long Mawar Merah


    Tahun ni banyak kali Kak Long ketinggalan daripada tengok Formula One. Tak excited sangat nak tengok macam dulu.

  2. I believe, most of the team already allocated their budget to next year car’s specifications and development. That is why Red Bull more superior this year.

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