If I’m Glazer, I’ll Give David Moyes Another Two Years At Least

Manchester United has been performing so badly this season (by its own very high standard), that there’s no way a repeat of such situation will occur next season. Surely, things can’t get worse than this, right? With so many quality players that United still have and a massive budgets on-standby to strengthen the team, mark my words, David Moyes will do better next season. I hope he has learned a lot from his first year at Old Trafford and go on to become a great manager for my beloved Manchester United.

So, for me –  let’s give him another chance to prove himself. Yes, I have been very critical about his tactical and team selection but replacing him with other coaches like Louis Van Gaal or Jürgen Klopp is still not a favourable option at this junction.  I have seen many people rise from their failure and go on to do something special. I hope David Moyes will too and that he will learn from his past mistakes and put back the club to where it belongs – on top of Premier League table. Glory Glory Manchester United!

Glory Glory Manchester United!

Pic credit: thefoullanguage.com

If I’m Glazer, I’ll Give David Moyes Another Two Years At Least


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