Physio Savvy: Are You Looking For Physiotherapy Clinics In KL?

Physiotherapy Treatment

Have you ever been to a physiotherapy clinic before? I have and I bet you might need to go there too, someday, especially if you’re a sportsperson like me. Sustaining a sport injury is common for a sportsperson and you must understand the importance of taking care of yourself especially when you are injured.

Going to the general clinic is fine but getting treatment and expert advice from a physiotherapist will benefit you even more, especially if you are still very much involved in sports either professionally or competing at the amateur level.

With the help and guidance from a physiotherapist, you will give yourself a better chance at recovery and getting back to the state you were before you sustained your injury.


In case you haven’t heard of them, physiotherapists are trained professionals who help their injured patients get back to the highest possible range of movement. You may have sustained a severe injury while playing football or may have sprained your neck while sleeping, physiotherapists can help you in both situations.

A physiotherapist will diagnose your condition by asking a number of questions, do a variety of tests – as part of the examination, and proceed with a treatment program designed for you that may include massage, manipulation, acupuncture, exercise, etc.

Physiotherapy Clinics In KL

If you live in Kuala Lumpur, you will find many physiotherapy clinics for you to choose from and seek treatment.

However, I will say that there’s one that actually stands above the rest:


Physio Savvy Physiotherapy Clinics

Physio Savvy is a chain of physiotherapy clinics in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded by Australian physiotherapist Alisha Bajerai, Physio Savvy specializes in bringing Australian physiotherapy standards to the shores of Malaysia.

The company utilises manual therapy, Clinical Pilates, Positional Release Technique, and other highly hands-in techniques in conjunction with exercises to ensure that you return back to your normal self.

Do check out their “New Patient Promo – 3 Session of Physiotherapy Treatment“.

Register online and receive DIGITAL VOUCHER redeemable for three treatment sessions worth RM350.

Includes initial assessment and FREE Foot Scan worth RM80 (at Plaza Damas HQ only).

There are close to 1,000 patients who have visited and sought treatment from Physio Savvy and they are mostly satisfied customers.

Read some of the testimonials below:


So, if you are looking for physiotherapy clinics in KL, don’t look any further. Visit Physio Savvy website and get your appointment with one of the best physiotherapy clinics in this country.

Plus, don’t forget about the New Patient Promo too.

You wouldn’t want to miss that as well.

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– Physio Savvy: Are You Looking For Physiotherapy Clinics In KL?