Turning To White Witch Doctor For A Better Fortune

Philippe Troussier

Never mind the price. After all, Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has found sponsors to finance Frenchman, Philippe Troussier’s yearly tax-free salary of €600,000 (RM2.7 million) plus two assistants. It’s a bold statement made by our beleaguering national football body as they pray for his expertise and experience to lead Malaysian football out of its conundrum and back to its glory years.

This however is still subject to Troussier accepting the offer.

Should everything go according to plan, our national football team will have a new coach by next month.

This time a coach with huge reputation and highly sought all over the world.

Harimau Malaya

Over the years, FAM has come under severe critism by fans and media. The fact that Harimau Malaya rank very low in FIFA Ranking does not help the association either. There have been many calls for changes within FAM’s  hierarchy but we all know that is not going to happen. Therefore, the only way to move forward is for the fans to keep pressuring FAM.

Last year, they call for Datuk K.Rajagobal’s head after dismal showings by Harimau Malaya throughout 2012 and 2013.

They got their wish and now they are seeking someone with good credential to help our team move forward and realise our dream of playing in the World Cup final one day.

Philippe Troussier is a perfect fit for Malaysia.

The only question is will the Frenchman accept the offer?

White Witch Doctor

To be fair to FAM, they had done a lot to improve the standard of football in this country. However, they have achived little so far. Maybe they have made too many errors in their judgement in the past or perhaps it is just that they are purely out of luck.

Well, maybe the man fondly known as ‘White Witch Doctor‘ can help us.

Maybe, fortune will finally smile on us when the white witch casts his spell on Harimau Malaya. He has done miracles in the past. Maybe he can do it again with us this time.

However, words of caution to all Harimau Malaya fans out there : don’t expect too many changes too soon. He should be given time to work his magic here and he has already indicated that he wants to work with youth and qualification for the World Cup anytime soon will be impossible. What we really hope if he arrives here is ‘progress‘. We should start by having a team that can dominate the football in South East Asia and then move further to challenge the likes of Japan and Korea as the football king of Asia.

That will be one hell of a job for Troussier.

Looking at a positive side, it represents great challenge for the White Witch Doctor and I really hope he duly accepts it.

Turning To White Witch Doctor For A Better Fortune

10 thoughts on “Turning To White Witch Doctor For A Better Fortune

  1. I wonder bro. Is it the coach’s faults? or the players’ faults? or both? or FAM should absolute be blamed for all those bad performance and reputations?

    Or the mindset that the players’ have when they are on the pitch? Does the spirit to win insufficient? What’s the problem precisely? There are to many questions, I think. I wonder if Philippe Troussier is truly the answer to all these questions?

    1. Like I said, there’s no guarantee that Philippe Troussier is the man who will take our football standard into a higher level. But, bringing someone like him will surely inject something different to the team. His experience in coaching might also helps FAM to develop a better method for football development in this country. We shall see how he perform once he signed the contract. Hopefully he will.

  2. Akhirnya. Kita tunggu keputusan the white witch doctor sama ada terima atau tolak.

    Keputusan drastik tidaklah diharap oleh peminat, tapi mahukan perubahan taktikal dan pemain yg benar2 perform =)

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