We’re in the Money!

Manchester United

It’s been a troubled start to the season at the world’s greatest football club. We’ve suffered embarrassing defeats at the hands of mediocre sides. We’ve felt the loss of Fergie keenly. We currently sit below Southampton in the Premier League table. Some of us have lost faith in the new boss.

But finally, it seems there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We’re on course in the Champions League and few are the sides who’d be happy to be drawn against us. We’re fighting back in the Premier League, having got the better of leaders Arsenal and with no other club showing the kind of form to move away from the pack.

We’re also in the money…

Record Revenue for Manchester Utd

Our club has reported record revenue figures for the first quarter of 2013. Over the course of January, February and March, a total revenue of £98.5m was generated – offset against staff costs of £52.9m – representing a sizable 28% increase.

With an estimated whole year revenue of £420m-£430m, the club is set to close the financial gap which has opened over recent years to the richest European sides Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Head of equities at Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers, Richard Hunter commented, “Manchester United’s stuttering start to the domestic season is in stark contrast to its performance off the field“.

The economist expressed concern at the clubs soaring staff costs, but concluded, “There is no sign of the Manchester United marketing machine beating a retreat”.

With strong merchandise sales and massive revenue from rights to televise their Champions League matches – which ensures an income from those who prefer to bet on football games from behind a TV screen rather than buy the branded pencil case.

Money isn’t everything in club football, but it certainly helps. Here’s hoping our CEO Ed Woodward will give the green light for some of this revenue to be put to good use in snagging some quality transfer targets this January.

Let’s Hit The January Sales

So if we’re in the money, let’s do some much needed shopping. A spot of retail therapy should do our squad the world of good after a summer of transfer bungles and a troubled autumn. Chelsea and City arguably harbour more strength in depth in their squads. It’s time to up the ante and match them.

Maybe a few older heads to show the youngsters in the squad what it takes to be a champ is what we need. Or maybe we need the flash of a new talent. It’d be ideal to have both. Who do you reckon we should sign to build on our recent progress and turn this into another great season for Manchester United?

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– We’re in the Money!

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