World Cup 2014 Semi-Final 1: Brazil Gone In Six Minutes!

Eight goals in a game of football is entertainment of the highest order, especially when it happened at the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup. Well, not so when the score line reads: Brazil 1 German 7. At 4.30 am (Malaysian time), with a couple of minutes left for sahur (here in KK), the ruthless German side had just taken a 5-0 lead with the last four coming in the space of SIX MINUTES, mind you.  There was an hour left to play but every football fan in the world knew that it was game over.  Oh dear, this is probably the most shocking result ever in the history of the World Cup.

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The Players That Wasn’t There

Amazingly, prior to the match, the focus of Brazilian fans have been on a player who wasn’t going to play – Neymar. 60,000 of Neymar masks were distributed outside the Mineirão ahead of the match to create a sea of Neymar’s face. There was also attempt by Brazilian Football Confederation to get the yellow card that caused Thiago Silva’s suspension rescinded so that the Brazilian captain can play against the Germans. All this seem to show that the Brazilian doesn’t have faith in their own team (without Neymar and Thiago) and there were ready-made excuses prepared should their team get knocked out from the World Cup. I bet they could never anticipate what’s coming.

The Players Who Were Out There

Although the line-up by Luiz Felipe Scolari was pretty much shocking, I still scratched my head when I look back at the result. Against a very efficient and talented German side, Scolari opted for light weight players such as Bernard, Hulk, Oscar and Luis Gustavo. These players won’t track back and Scolari should have known what will hit them if they leave too many gaps in the middle. Portugal was brutally exposed in the Group match where the Germans put four past them.

They should have started with Ramires and Willian in place of Bernard and Luis Gustavo. Fernandinho, Julio Cesar and Marcelo had an off day, so that was just another disaster for Scolari. On top of that, centre-back paring of David Luiz and Dante were playing at Malaysian Super League level. Thus, it make me wonder why on earth has PSG agreed to pay £50million for the ex-Chelsea man.

By the way, what the hell is FRED doing out there?

fred heat map
Fred’s heat map (at half-time): Is the guy only playing in the centre circle?

Klose Is The Numero Uno

Despite poor defending by The Selecao , we should take nothing away from the Germans. Die Mannschaft were efficient (as always) and clinical in front of the goal. Even when Brazil managed to beat their defence once in a while, goalkeeper, Manuel Neur stood big between the posts and was in imperious form. And to put icing on the cake, striker, Miroslav Klose notched his 16th goal at World Cup finals moved one goal clear of Brazilian World Cup winner Ronaldo. Klose is now the World Cup’s greatest-ever goalscorer.

celcom Kax

All European Final?

I’m going to stick with my earlier prediction that Argentina is going to win the World Cup. Therefore, there won’t be an all European final. Still, I’ll be glad to eat my word and see the Oranje in the final as I’m one of the supporters of the Holland team.  See my Celcom Kax above 😀

World Cup 2014 Semi-Final 1: Brazil Gone In Six Minutes!

10 thoughts on “World Cup 2014 Semi-Final 1: Brazil Gone In Six Minutes!

  1. aku dah agak dah. neymar takde..memang hancur serangan brazil.

    hulk tak jadi. fred lagi la hancur. Harap pemain no.20 aje yang rajin main sayap. Oscar pun banyak tak jadi. Gol last tu aku rasa memang germany nak bagi kot. Haha..

    Serius..defense hancur. Kesian kat ceasar. Jadi mangsa keadaan.

    1. Jerman tak mahu bagi gol Brazil tu, tapi pemain2 Jerman pun masing2 dah buat persiapan jaga body agar tak tercedera dan terlepas perlawanan akhir. 😀

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