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‘Tagal’ at Tinopikon Park Penampang

Our much anticipated Visit to Tambunan last year was planned 3 months before the journey.  Waa….why so long?  You might ask.  Because a journey involving more than 10 people and include kids of various ages requires lots of thought.  And to ensure that we have a place to stay, I…

Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu

Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (Kota Kinabalu City Mosque) ini dibuka secara rasmi pada 2hb Februari 2000 selepas Kota Kinabalu diistiharkan sebagai Bandaraya. Ianya merupakan masjid rasmi ke dua di negeri ini selepas Masjid Negeri di Sembulan. Terletak di Likas Bay, ia kira-kira 15km jarak memandu dari Bandar Kota Kinabalu. Rekebentuk…

Keindahan Pantai

Keindahan Pantai

Travel Jan 31, 2016 18

Sambil melayan muzik di YouTube, saya terbawa ke video lagu Keindahan Pantai nyanyian allahyarham M.Shariff. Ini buat saya teringat kepada trip ke Pantai Tanjung Simpang Mengayau semasa cuti sekolah baru-baru ini. Ia trip yang tidak dirancang dan bertujuan membawa keluarga abang saya yang kebetulan bercuti di Sabah. Walaupun ada banyak…

Body Scrubs: SweetGlo Scrubs
    Some time before Christmas last year, I received a wonderful package of these 3 wonderful natural bath and body scrubs from SweetGlo Scrubs.  As a firm believer in the benefits of daily facial cleansing and weekly facial scrubs or exfoliation as part of the basic routines to... Read more
Beauty Products Online – Nature Republic on Hermo
I love surfing for beauty products online. It has become my preferred method of buying skincare that I don’t remember when’s the last time I bought skincare item in a physical store. The reason? Buying beauty products online gives me the time to do research and make decisions without... Read more
Beauty Products Online – A Simple Review of Top Beauty Products
I love to sample products and getting samples of beauty products online for free is a wonderful thing.  Men must accept this fact – women need to try out many products before we decide on the ones that we like or our skin needs.  Plus, samples of beauty products... Read more
Human Nature’s Natural Skincare – My Basic Skincare Routine
Finding skincare products that satisfy the heart, mind and skin is not easy.  Ask any woman – that’s why we love samples, to avoid feeling cheated when the products do not work, OR WORSE, has adverse effects! In my previous posts in this blog and also in another blog... Read more
Bag of Love ‘Stay Beautiful and Read On’ – March/April 2014 Edition
I love beauty boxes and I have posted about my first beauty box, from Modbox. I liked what I read and seen about Bag of Love (BOL). BOL is one of the most wonderful beauty box provider in Malaysia. Just look at the facebook page  and you’ll see all... Read more