Tuesday,27 June,2017


Statistik Dan Kemaskini Blog

Terima kasih kepada para pengunjung Dulu Lain Sekarang Lain kerana tidak jemu melawat dan meninggalkan komen atau soalan untuk dikongsi dengan pembaca lain.  Komen-komen tuan/puan sekalian telah memberi semangat kepada kami untuk meneruskan DLSL sebaik [...]

Elegante – Clean And Elegant WordPress Blog Theme

We notice that there are many lifestyle bloggers in Malaysia that rely on sponsors to continue maintaining their blog. Apart from having quality contents and a large number of followers, it is important to have [...]

Recommended Malaysia Web Hosting Companies 2016

There are many good quality and yet affordable Malaysian web hosting companies out there. You just have to dig a bit and reach for them. There's no need for you to pay to over-priced overseas [...]

Malaysia Social Media Week 2016

We received quite a pleasant surprise email last week. It was from the Secretariat of Malaysia Social Media Week 2016 (MSMW2016). The short content of the email read as follows: Dear Blog Owner, Greetings! A [...]

Serverfreak – Web Hosting Terbaik Di Malaysia

Sekiranya anda membaca mana-mana blog Techie yang membicarakan tentang web hosting terbaik di Malaysia atau membuat perbandingan antara syarikat hosting, rata-rata blog akan pastinya menyenaraikan Serverfreak dalam artikel mereka. Baca juga: Malaysia Web Hosting Companies [...]

Blog Takeover?

Those who are familiar with this blog may notice me, Zurainny Ismail a.k.a. the Reluctant Shopper, writing here and visiting other blogs on behalf of DLSL. This is NOT a blog take-over, but a coup!  [...]

Contest Review Lynk.My 2015

Before we talk about Contest Review Lynk.my 2015, which I decided to participate (really?), let's talk about Lynk.My first, shall we? Afterall, I only knew about this site recently while googling for something else. I [...]

Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2015

It is no secret that site owners themselves submit their site for consideration for awards in Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2015. The organiser, Social Media Chambers (SMC) is either too lazy or busy to [...]

Infografik: Buat Duit Dengan Blog

Infografik di bawah ini saya buat untuk artikel 10 Cara Buat Duit Dengan Blog. Oleh itu, maklumat lanjut mengenai apa yang terkandung dalam infografik ini boleh dirujuk pada artikel tersebut. Saya berharap ia dapat memberi [...]

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