Thursday,17 August,2017


Senarai Nama Peserta Giveaway

Hahaha…..maaf ya atas kelewatan admin untuk membuat update nama peserta yang layak…. Maklumlah, musim cuti sekolah ni memang sibuk sangat melayan aktiviti-aktiviti luar-sekolah anak-anak.  Kalau tak dibagi aktiviti, confirm dorang asyik tengok tv atau mengadap [...]

Entries are Officially Closed – DLSL Human Nature Holiday Giveaway

This Giveaway Contest officially ended at midnight last night and I’m very touched by your support, even though I’m a nobody and new caretaker of this blog. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and learned a [...]

Update on DLSL Human Nature Holiday Giveaway

Hi folks, It’s a lovely day today, here in KK and this morning, I would like to give an update on our Human Nature Holiday Giveaway, after verification by our panel of judges (hehehe….ME, ME [...]

Human Nature Holiday Giveaway 2015

Seperti yang dijanjikan dalam post terdahulu, sempena musim cuti-cuti Malaysia ini, DLSL akan menganjurkan peraduan Human Nature Holiday Giveaway bermula dari hari ini, 23 November 2015, dan berakhir pada 6 Disember 2015.  Giveaway ini akan [...]

Contest Review Lynk.My 2015

Before we talk about Contest Review Lynk.my 2015, which I decided to participate (really?), let’s talk about Lynk.My first, shall we? Afterall, I only knew about this site recently while googling for something else. I [...]

Jom Aktifkan MyKad SEO-CONTEST

Jom Aktifkan Mykad is the second SEO Contest that I’m participating in within 1 week. Perhaps, I’m running out of topic to write plus there are several draft articles that I find hard to complete [...]

Malaysia Best Blog 2015

Selecting Malaysia Best Blog 2015 is one of the first tasks that I must do this year. Out of millions of blogs in this country, there should be one that stands out from the rest. [...]

Super Spammy SEO Giveaway Worth $3,000

I’m NO SEO expert (Pakar SEO Malaysia) and I don’t really dwell in this SEO thingy. Nonetheless, I love to read about SEO and its development. It is really facsinating! SEO freaks like Kris Jones, [...]

iPhone 5s Gajet Impian Setiap Blogger

Remember this guy? This unforgetable moment was captured by those talented folks at iLuvTour.Com during the ‘Sepetang Bersama Blogger 2014‘ event early this year at Saloma Bistro, Jalan Ampang. Blogger Khairil Mazri was one of [...]