The first time I had the privilege of listening to the pure, raw and excellent Fado performance was 20 years ago by students from Orfeão Universitário do Porto.  The first song above is exactly the song that I heard, though sung by a different group.… Read More

Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Photograph by Ed Sheeran is probably the most popular song on the planet right now. Ok, maybe not. Nonetheless, it is my favourite song nowadays and perhaps for those Deejays at Hitz.FM. too. The song is so soothing and lovely. At times brings me back… Read More

Ella : Ratu Rock Malaysia

Ella is the most outstanding and lasting Malaysian female rock vocalist.  Though she does not exude the typical rock demeanour (I say typical, but there’re not many female rockers around, so perhaps it’s typical for male rockers), this sweet lady’s singing voice is second to… Read More