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Starbucks Planner 2018

I got the Starbucks Planner 2018! We have blogged about the Starbucks Malaysia Planners a…

Starbucks Buy 1 free 1

Starbucks Buy One Free One Promo

Other that outstanding customer service and excellent taste of coffee, I must commend Starbucks for…

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Delicious Variations to Starbucks Drinks

I am not a fussy coffee drinker.  You could serve me with Nescafe, and I…

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Kedai Kopi Starbucks

Kedai Kopi Mesra-Blogger

Tidak banyak tempat awam atau restoran yang benar-benar mesra-blogger (blogger-friendly).  Maksud ‘blogger-friendly’ pada saya adalah:…

starbucks planner 2014

Starbucks Planner 2014

Every year end, Starbucks will offer something extra special to their customers and it’s usually…

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Cochineal – Have You Been Served With Bugs In Your Food?

How many of us would eat a bug – fried, toasted, grilled, etc, with pleasure?…

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Starbucks US Raised Coffee Prices

Starting from Tuesday, 25.06.2013,  has raised the prices of some of its coffee beverages in…

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starbucks local

Starbucks – Keeping it Local Around the World

As we coffee addicts know: you can get attached to your favorite drink and favorite…


Elevating My Understanding of Coffee Experience : 1st Lesson – Espresso @ Starbucks

I know my previous post about Coffee and Health seems to discourage coffee-drinking, but let…

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Starbucks Promo: Half Price Starbucks Frappuccino Till 31st May 2013

Starbucks is celebrating its 15th Anniversary in Malaysia.  There are a few on-going promotions and…

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Asian Dolce Latte: Inspired By Asia, Created By Starbucks

I had my breakfast at Starbucks this morning. With lots of assignments to complete, a…

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