Kundasang War Memorial Park

The last time we came here (Kundasang War Memorial Park) there were no entry fee. This time however, they charged RM 2 (adult) and RM 1 (children) per entry. Not a bad investment though as they have upgraded this place and made it more wonderful.… Read More

A Trip To Kundasang

It has been very humidly HOT in KK lately, so we decided to make this 2 hours journey to Kundasang, home of the luminous Mount Kinabalu. There’s plenty of development there since we last visited this quaint and nice little place. The good thing is… Read More

Taman Buaya Tuaran

Semalam saya pergi ke Taman Buaya Tuaran dengan hajat nak ambik gambar buaya. Ini gara-gara terpengaruh dengan posting si Bel tu kat Malaysia Travel Blog. Saya sampai lambat, so pertunjukkan buaya dah tamat. Tapi yang menarik perhatian saya adalah dua ekor Payau (pelanduk) yang jinak… Read More

Karambunai Lagoon Park Part 2

When I was there, I took quite a number of pictures, therefore part 2 is inevitable. We spent about an hour there with Roq and Dina enjoying themselves at the playground. There was a signboard stating that there is an entry charge of RM10 per… Read More