Championship Manager 15 (Champ Man 15)

Championship Manager 15

While many of my friends are addicted (yes, really) to Clash of Clans [and now Pokemon Go] and my kids are hooked to Minecraft, I find myself enjoying Championship Manager 15 on my iPhone. Yes, I admit, it is not a popular game. The last time I checked on Apple Store, it was not in the Top 100.

Not even close.

Then again, how can I help it?

I’m a football crazy guy!

There are no other enjoyable things to do with my phone every morning than checking on the latest scores, news update and Twitter‘s timeline on football plus of course, playing football related game.

However, unlike many other football fans, I don’t prefer playing FIFA2015 because the game is so addictive. It would be risky to even attempt downloading the game because the consequence would be so bad that I fear my performance at work will surely drop because of the time spent on the game.

The other football manager games are either too boring or takes too much of my time.

Note that, I want to play the game during my spare time only and not become a slave to it!

Championship Manager 2

Championship Manager

The first Championship Manager game was released way back in 1992. I was still single then and haven’t finished my studies yet. Plus, I haven’t owned my first PC yet that time. Those who had computer were crazy playing “Doom“.  I prefer spending my time on the field rather than in front of the computer.

However, as time goes by and the legs were starting to give way, I started to do more indoor activities rather than outdoor with computer being one of the cool way to spend time with.

It was inevitable that someone would introduce me to Championship Manager and when it happened, I must say that I love the game very much.

Championship Manager 3

The first CM series that I played was Championship Manager 3 for Season 99/00. It was a good time for a Manchester United fan like me to start playing the game since Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane were still at their prime, therefore managing The Red Devils were quite fun and easy.

I did occasionally manage other teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid or AC Milan but found it really weird when facing Manchester United even though it’s just a game.

It felt like I wanted to let United win even though I was managing the other team.

From PC Game To Mobile App

The Championship Manager game has gone through many changes over the years. The original Championship Manager game was written by two brothers: Paul and Oliver Collyer and marketed under their company, Sports Interactive. However, in 2003, Sports Interactive split with Eidos, the publishers of Championship Manager. Sports Interactive retained the game’s database and match engine, producing a new game based on the title “Football Manager”.

Edios retained the name and interface, with BGS taking over the development of Championship Manager.

Sales of CM afterward are not as good as Football Manager.

Championship Manager 2010 was their last full version before it was converted to mobile version.

Championship Manager 15
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Some time in April 2009, Japanese video game developer and publisher, Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd completed it acquisition of Edios. Square Enix (famous for game such as Final Fantasy) revived Championship Manager under the title of Champ Man in 2013.

Since then, they have released two games for iOS and Android handheld systems. Championship Manager 2014, now branded as Champ Man 14, was released on October 15, 2013 for mobile phones.

A follow up to this game, Champ Man 15 was released on August 18, 2014, again for Apple and Android.

Championship Manager 2015

Championship Manager 2015 or officially known Champ Man 15 is the version I’m currently playing on my iPhone. OK, I admit, it is not as fun or challenging as the full version that I had played before. Mainly because of its limited data, in which you can still choose tens of thousands of real players available to sign and over 440 clubs from 23 playable leagues.

So, it is still quite interesting to play, especially during my free time or while waiting to fetch the kids at their school or during half time in a football game.

Championship Manager 2014

Championship Manager players

Championship Manager play

Winning titles is quite easy when managing teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich in Champ Man 15. I suspect those who often ridicules Van Gaal or David Moyes with nasty words on social media must be playing this game a lot and think managing football club in the real world can be as easy as this. 😀

Championship Manager win

Honestly, I don’t like to manage the smaller clubs because it will be time consuming to build a team from scratch and turn it into a European Champion. I tried it once with Cardiff and yes we eventually won the Euro but, oh my, I’m not going to do it again. Like I said earlier, the game should be fun and not stressful and only for filling up my free time.

Here are a few tips that you might want to use when managing teams in Champ Man 15:-

  • At early season, when you are still level on points, do not use “attacking mode” and “high pressuring” unless of course your team rating is already 89++.  The best is always keep it to normal and change to attack when required
  • When you buy a new player, do not put him straight into starting line-up, you need to bed him slowly to the team before making him your key player
  • When team rating reach 89, it’s always fun to use 3-5-2 system
  • Top value players to sign: Sergio Busquets (Barcelona), Paul Pogba (Juventus), Victor Valdes (Free), Robin Van Persie (Manchester United), Diego Costa (Chelsea) and Cesc Fabregas (Chelsea)
  • Whenever you’re online, spend some time collecting coaching fund by watching promo videos
  • Don’t waste time building stadium and other facilities but use your entire fund to upgrade training facilities. Level 2 Youth Academy should suffice for you too.
  • Stick to your tactic and do not panic. The more accustomed your players are to your tactics, the better the results will be.

Champ Man 15 upgrade

Champ Man 15 points

Champ Man 15 staff

That’s all, folks. Although I have plenty more to share, I think it is best for you to discover it yourself. Have fun and enjoy playing Championship Manager 2015.

Available for download at Apple Store and Google Play for free.

– Championship Manager 15 (Champ Man 15)