Hasbro’s Kre-O Destruction Site Devastator: Better Than LEGO?


Regular readers of this blog are probably aware that my kids love LEGO very much. We already have all sorts of LEGOs at home including LEGO Castle, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Friends and many more. When it comes to construction or brick building blocks, LEGO seems to have no peers.

They are simply the best.

No others come close.

Well, that is until Hasbro decided to allow South Korean based company, Kre-O to manufacture their Transformers sets which are similar to LEGO building products.

Kre-O’s “Destruction Site Devastator”

With Transformers being one of the most popular movie franchises in the world and the Autobots the best robots ever created, there’s no doubt Hasbro know that they won’t have any problem marketing the product. Even the most fanatical LEGO fans will find hard to resist a chance to check out Kre-O.

So, today’s posting is all about Kre-O Transformer or specifically Kre-O’s “Destruction Site Devastator” Set [36951].

Scroll down for more. 😀

Although we don’t like to mix up the Kre-O dan LEGO bricks, it is important to note that Kre-O blocks are compatible with LEGO, Mega Bloks and a few other building block brands.  

They look very similar and indistinguishable from the other save for a few custom pieces. They are also just as heavy and well-made as LEGO but are sold at a slightly cheaper price.

According to Wiki, the creators of Kre-O got the name from a latin word “creo”, which means “I create”. The Transformers was the first Hasbro brand released as Kre-O construction brick kits and was unveiled at Toy Fair 2011.

The kits centre around Transformers characters that can be taken apart and reassembled into a vehicle. See the picture below:


Similar to LEGO, Kre-O also has their own mini-figures called Kreon which can be brought separately at Toys Shop. The last time I visited Toys R Us, it was sold at RM 13.90 per pack.

These Kreons can ride inside Transformers when they in vehicle mode.

They look very much like LEGO’s mini-figures.

You can play them together if you want.

It will be fun, trust me!


The “Destruction Site Devastator” Set can be purchased online at Hasbro’s website. If you wish to buy offline, then there are a few Toy Shops to choose from depending on your location.

The price at Toys R Us (KK) is RM367.90. Included in the set is a 560-piece building kit to create:

  • four powerful Decepticon Warriors (Scrapper, Hightower, Scavenger and Drill Bit);
  • a combined Constructicon Devastator mode;
  • a Constructicon Devastator Kreon figure;
  • Iron Hide Kreon figure;
  • Construction Foreman Kreon figure;
  • 3 Construction Worker Kreon figures.



Devastator is a Decepticon from the Kre-O continuity family. Devastator smash! Devastator destroy everything! AUTOBOTS across the universe live in fear of the day they must face Constructicon Devastator.

He is the ultimate weapon in the DECEPTICON arsenal, a robot so powerful that when he is unleashed the other DECEPTICONS do nothing but get out of his way.

Although the toys are called Transformers, they actually can’t transform.

Well, they are not supposed to, right?

Otherwise it would be considered such an amazing engineering trick.

But you still can use the same bricks to create either robot or vehicle. Normally, my kid will start by building the robot first and then tear it down and rebuild it as a vehicle. Note that, whatever you build, you will likely have pieces left over.

Please don’t throw it away and be sure to keep it in a safe place. You might need it someday.

Is Kre-O better than LEGO?

Well, from what I see so far, the Kre-O really looks awesome and well designed. They certainly look impressive and definitely matching LEGO in term of creativity and workmanship, if not better. Just wait till I post the pictures of Optimus Prime and the gang in my next posting. I’m pretty sure you will simply be blown away and wished that you get your own Kre-O asap.


The only criticisms that I can think about this Kre-O toys are they are quite fragile compared to LEGO.

You need to be extra careful when trying to move the Transformers as the pieces can break or fall easily especially when in robot mode. They are more solid when in vehicle mode and wheels turn easily and smoothly unlike some cheap LEGO look-a-like brick games that I brought for my children not long ago 😉

Other than that, hmm.. I think Kre-O is better in term of value for money compared to LEGO. My only wish is they can fix the one problem that I highlighted today.

I hope you enjoy reading today’s posting on Kre-O and The “Destruction Site Devastator” Set. If you have already bought them, please share your thought here.

Thank you and have a great day.

P/s: I only posted the pictures of Decepticon Warriors (Scrapper, Hightower, Scavenger and Drill Bit) for today.

Will show you the Constructicon Devastator on my next posting, insya-allah…  😉

– Hasbro’s Kre-O Destruction Site Devastator: Better Than LEGO?

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