iPhone 5s and KLCC at Night

suria KLCC

This is just a teaser for those participating in iPhone 5s Gajet Impian contest, especially who hasn’t owned the powerful device yet! The iPhone may be small but it can do so many things – wonderful things. One of them is the iPhone 5s can be used as a camera – a powerful camera.

The quality of pictures taken by iPhone 5s is better than many compact cameras in the market. You can stop carrying your bulky DSLR too because iPhone 5s will do a good job, at least for web publishing purposes.

KLCC at Night

I was at KLCC when I took these pictures. Not bad, don’t you think so? For a small device used mainly for talking and chatting, the quality of iPhone 5s camera is outstandingly brilliant. Worth every ringgit spent (if you purchased the iPhone coz I did not) :D.

Buku Seni Fotografi Edisi Digital 5.0 

I had a chat with a realative of mine at Bangsar KL recently. He is a photographer and involved in advertisement business. He too was impressed with the quality of photos that iPhone is capable of producing.

  • He even admitted that he sometimes uses iPhone in his photography work.
  • No need to use DSLR in certain cases, he said.
  • Plus, there are many apps that you can download to make the photos ever better.

However, I didn’t use any apps for these photos:

roq at KLCC

KLCC at Night 2

So, what do you think? Do you want an iPhone 5s? The fastest way is to purchase it at Lazada or at the nearest shopping mall. 😀 Or else, you can just participate in the contest.

Who knows, it could be yours.

– iPhone 5s and KLCC at Night

27 thoughts on “iPhone 5s and KLCC at Night

  1. True indeed!

    Especially during daylight.. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it is awesome! But still, for some purposes I try to bring along my bulky DSLR. haha

  2. simply awesome phone with awesome camera. they say, user dont need to have digital camera when they have iphone 🙂

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