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macro photography iphone 5

Since my DSLR camera broke down, I took pictures for my blog using iPhone. Not bad actually, but only God knows how much I miss my camera. The price of a good DSLR plus additional zoom/macro lenses are a bit steep these days.

So, I might have to settle with iPhone for the time being until I’m ready to dig into my own pockets again.

Like I said, the quality of pictures produced by iPhone are not bad.

But, the ability of DSLR to manipulate images using lens and other gears are the one that fascinates me the most.

Like DSLR camera, you can add lenses to your iPhone.

Yes, you can.

The same goes with other smartphones like Samsung, Sony or Nokia.

These lenses are 3rd party lenses and not from Apple, Samsung or Sony. They are not as expensive as DSLR lenses. In fact you can get the combination of width, fish eye and macro lenses for smartphones for less than RM50.

You need to fork more for zoom lens and there is no portrait lens for smartphones as far as I know.

Here’s how those lenses look like:

lenses for smartphone

You might want to browse LAZADA MALAYSIA and get this 12x Telephoto Zoom Lens for iPhone 5 for just RM 122.00:

zoom lens

.. or perhaps you might like Holga iPhone 5 Lens Filter and Case Kit SLFT IP5:

Holga iPhone 5 Lens Filter


Please don’t expect these lenses to perform like DSLR lens. Your high expectations can ruin your day.

How to macro photography with iPhone?

Let’s leave all other lenses behind first. Of all the smartphone lenses that I used, the macro lens was the most useful ones. I got quite a number of “Likes” on Instagram when I posted a photo that I took using this lens.

So, it is quite a cool tool to use albeit the limitation.

All you need to do is to hook the lens to your smartphone (see picture below) and SWITCH ON your iPhone’s camera function.

Pick the object that you want to shoot.

Hold steady and walla, you’re done!

macro lens iphone

macro lens iphone 2

macro lens iphone 3

macro photography iphone

However, please be reminded that this lens has its limitation. You need to be very close to the object and your object must not be too big.

Any object bigger than a ten cent coin is considered big and will not work with this lens.

Sorry! πŸ˜€

Still it is fun to play with. I took pictures of small flowers, toys, ants and other little animals and the results were quite satisfactory.

Do try it yourself…

macro photography iphone 4

macro photography iphone 3

macro photography iphone 2

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