MaxisONE Plan – More Data, Unlimited Calls

Maxis post paid

Recently I ditched my Celcom postpaid to switch to Maxis – MaxisOne Plan. It is a tough call since I have been using Celcom for 10 years and am satisfied with their service especially in terms of coverage which is the best among service providers in Malaysia.

Two factors influenced my decision:

  1. I still can keep my number (no need to change it unlike the old days);
  2. Save a lot of money by switching to this plan.

I did spent some time at Celcom, DiGi and Maxis before I made my decision. Furthermore, I asked their customer service section all the attractive plans and promos that they have and I think MaxisONE Plan suits me the most.

MaxisONE Plan

If you google the internet you can see that Maxis is promoting this plan real hard. The key point for this plan is that you can share it with your family members and across devices. Check it out HERE.

Well, at first I wasn’t impressed at all. I wouldn’t want to share my internet with my kids since there will be a possibility of them over-using it. Hence, let them stick with pre-paid plan first. Right, dear?

maxisone plan

Internet Burung Hantu

Since I’m staying in Sabah, I got a chance to enroll in another plan which is more suitable for me. MaxisONE plan for Sabah and Sarawak that offers unlimited calls & SMS, 5GB all day mobile data and unlimited “burung-hantu” internet at only RM68/month.


Note: To be eligible for these East Malaysia plan, you must have a valid billing address in Sabah, Sarawak or me 😀

Here are the terms for this plan:

  • Limited to sign ups within the promo period only.
  • Exclusively for new and existing subscribers in Sabah, Sarawak & Labuan only.
  • All calls, SMS and data can be used across East and West Malaysia

You have to commit to a monthly payment of RM68. Well, that’s normal for post paid plan BUT you can also enjoy up to 3 months unlimited access to iFlix, Viu, ErosNow and Hopster – sponsored by Maxis; and unlimited night surfing (1am-7am only)*

That’s all folks. If you need more info, please visit Maxis website. Otherwise, hurry to your nearest Maxis centre to register with MaxisOne plan.

2 thoughts on “MaxisONE Plan – More Data, Unlimited Calls

  1. saya guna internet burung hantu dan ia cukup bagus untuk layan youtube..

    cuma masa itu sukar untuk digunakan bagi orang tua macam saya berbanding guna Hotlink dan maxis suatu ketika dahulu..

    1. Kalau tak perlu pergi opis sebelah pagi, ok gak layan internet burung hantu.
      Cara lain ialah tidur awal dan bangun awal lah. Download sebelum masa tamat dan layan masa time lunch.

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