Microsoft Remains the World’s No. 1 Software Maker

Sotware maker

I know many of us may have complaints about Windows 8 and other Windows related software/apps. And YES, Microsoft is facing much stiffer competition in the software market these days. 

However, despite all its recent troubles, Microsoft remains the world’s largest software maker (World’s No. 1 Software Maker)  by a distance.

Despite the stuttering start of Windows 8 the Redmond-based company made more than twice as much money selling software in 2013 than any other company. This week, Microsoft’s new unveiled Office for iPad which could further boost sales of the company’s most successful product.

News and Info-graphic courtesy of Statista – The Statistics Portal

– Microsoft Remains the World’s No. 1 Software Maker

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  1. very clear if microsoft os get the best ratings, in terms of the user interface is very easy to use and features are numerous and attractive in terms of development of many to microsoft

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