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minecraft game

Those who have not played it surely do not know this magnificent well-developed artistic game of creativity. Minecraft is a place where most of our ideas can be put to the test although it is not a game of realism but it is fun to those who wants to remake their own world, city, universe, etc.

The game was created in 2009 (I think) by a man name Markus “Notch” Persson. This game then got very famous after the year 2010 (if I remember my readings). As soon as it did, the game itself has been played by many so far (including myself, obviously that’s why I’m writing an article about the game).

The game is now owned by Microsoft, who purchased Notch’s company, Mohjang last September.

Minecraft PE(Pocket Edition)

Minecraft PE(Pocket Edition) is a bit like Minecraft, only this is usually a version of Minecraft game where you don’t get the full content such as the Nether or the Ender realm.

What Is The Main Role Of Minecraft?

Not much actually, it doesn’t even have a beginner’s tutorial to teach players. The game mainly has two options you can try out. The most common one is Survival Mode. In this content of Minecraft, you have to survive the rest of the day until night. Then, afterwards your main goal is to find more resources before nightfall and craft them into something useful.

Usually this is for those who like to challenge themselves.

If you just want to play the game by your own rule, you may choose the Creative Mode option where all you can do is just create with all the resources that is available for use in the game.

What Are The Characters In Minecraft?

steve minecraft


The main character of this game is Steve. He will be the first and only character you will play in Minecraft unless you can change his skin texture. When playing as Steve, he must survive when facing his enemies known as mobs. One of the most common enemies are the spiders; they are the most dominant mobs in Minecraft, in my opinion.

The spiders are known to attack you by jumping to inflict damage.

Besides spiders are zombies and skeletons; a zombie is a very brave mob and will attack you when in sight even when he is in danger and a skeleton is technically like a zombie’s ally that shoots arrows using his bow at you when he catches you in his sight.

When playing Minecraft, your most annoying enemy is the Creepers – unlike the zombies and skeletons, Creepers are very explosive and will ignite themselves once they are near you.

Enderman minecraft


In Minecraft, the most well-known enemy is the Enderman (because of the CreepyPasta); they are one of the most powerful bosses in Minecraft because when you make eye contact with them you will be attacked by them very viciously.

The Endermans are also very powerful because of their teleportation ability – when they take you as an enemy, they will teleport behind you when they are being more aggressive.



Then, there are the Silverfish – I have not encountered one yet but it is said that these fishes will most likely not be alone but the main problem is that they can also attack without water (which is why you most definitely do not want to get caught by these.

To be honest, I’ve never actually seen a Silverfish or ever get the right info about it, so… don’t judge me).

After the Silverfish, if you can get to the Nether realm you will be able to face even greater beasts like the zombie pigmen, the Nether skeleton and a very good chance to meet something that might be as annoying as Creepers known as Ghast.

If you are up to a real challenge, you could try to go into the Ender realm (if available) and face a world filled only with the Endermen and take on boss battle with what I might call the only actual boss battle with the Ender dragon.

It is said that the prize after defeating the Ender dragon is mysterious (of course I don’t know the prize, I’ve only read a book about the beast).

Read more about ‘How To Play Minecraft’ in my next posting.

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