Sunday,20 August,2017


iPad’s Digital Toilet Paper

This short movie really left me ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing). But in short, it does remind us all that not everything in this world can be replaced by robot or this case, iPad. [...]

Is This The New iPhone 6?

Ahead of tomorrow’s special event (yup! the launching of iPhone 6), more pictures and videos emerged on the internet of supposedly leaked new Apple’s smartphone. While authenticity of these devices are debatable, still it is [...]

Top 20 Apps That You Can Install On Your iPhone

I think we just have to admire modern technology. Whatever I said, whatever criticisms I made and the fact that technology makes us behave like slaves or zombies does not mean that it is bad [...]

iPhone 5s and KLCC at Night

This is just a teaser for those participating in iPhone 5s Gajet Impian contest, especially who hasn’t owned the powerful device yet! The iPhone may be small but it can do so many things – [...]

Yoobao Powerbank 5200 mAh

Semasa berjalan di pasar malam semalam, saya ternampak beberapa penjual gajet menjual powerbank murah bersama gajet-gajet yang lain. Melihat pada harganya yang amat murah, terasa mahu beli satu untuk kegunaan anak saya. Akan tetapi bila [...]

How to Set Up WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8

I have used Windows 8 since last year but never turned my laptop into a WiFi Hotspot like I did when I used Windows 7 until yesterday. Well, I had to do it (convert it [...]

5 Android Apps To Keep Your Kids Busy On Your Way To Holidays

Holidays, vacations, driving away from the polluted and busy cities to fly towards beaches and mountains or back to hometown again. We all love that feeling! What we, parents, may not like is the noise [...]

Microsoft Remains the World’s No. 1 Software Maker

I know many of us may have complaints about Windows 8 and other Windows related software/apps. And YES, Microsoft is facing much stiffer competition in the software market these days.  However, despite all its recent [...]

WeChat vs WhatsApp vs Viber vs KakaoTalk

Semenjak adanya telefon pintar, ramai rakan-rakan saya mula kurang menggunakan Facebook mahupun berinternet. Begitu juga dengan anak-anak remaja. Tumpuan kini beralih kepada ‘chatting‘ di telefon pintar menggunakan aplikasi seperti Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, GroupMe, Line, KakaoTalk, [...]