Photography With Kid Chan


Today, I am happy to share a very valuable find : KIDCHAN.COM. Kid Chan is a celebrity photographer who is generous enough to share photography tips with all.  I have just read one of his article HERE.  KIDCHAN kindly explains the Rule of Third in the article.  Honestly, I knew something about that through experience, never thought that it’s actually a ‘Rule’.  I used to place my focus in the centre, but since I found out that the centre does not develop into a decent shot, not anymore.

So, I learnt about it the hard way. Wished I read the article sooner.

Do check out the site.  KIDCHAN is also generous enough to offer assistance to those who has questions about photography.  A very decent fella!

Photography With Kid Chan

14 thoughts on “Photography With Kid Chan

      1. Malaysia Travel Blog


        hehehe, sama dengan tehr juga…sekdar menumpang kamera hubby and jadi model tak bertauliah je…

  1. Sabahan Bloggers Club


    Memang masyuk blog ni. 🙂
    Tapi kenapa semua photographer nak berposing dengan kamera dorang style yang sama?

    1. teknik biar sama ehh sbb pengalaman lalu tunjuk cara yg lain tak ngam 😉 Still hasil tak semestinya sama sbb byk faktor lain seperti background, subject matter, lighting dll yang akan mempengaruhi 😀

  2. Wah, ini sudah baek. Boleh bEe war2kan pd hubby bEe

    Almaklumlah husband mcm bro Ismail & bro maza juga minat bende ni mcm ni kan…. Ekekekeke 🙂

  3. memang experience fotographer ni. baru je tengok website kidchan ni. Shot yang sungguh cantik. Thanks for sharing this site.

  4. wah.. maza mahu jengahlah kejap lagi… tontu banyak ilmu ni.. heheh

    opps.. gambar VIP guest sikit punya encem, besaq kedabak.. ahaks.. hehehhee

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