The Ultimate Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks

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Here’s some Pokemon Go tips for you: After reaching Level 20, moving up would be very difficult. From 20 to 21 you will need to collect 50000 XP and then from 21 to 22, you will require 75000 XP.

Now imagine when you are at Level 30 and upward. Puhh..

Aggressive Pokemon

Those wild Pokemons that you meet after Level 15 will also start to become more aggressive. They will move around, jump and avoid your Poké Ball and make you run out of ammunition fast. Strong Pokemons like Bulbasaur is capable of breaking free from your Poké Ball (and your Ultra Ball too), thus you will have to be very careful when dealing with them.

* Today I put a Wartortle 12 times inside the Ultra Ball and yet it still managed to break free!

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Plan Your Strategy

Therefore, you must have a good plan and take advantage of the Lucky Egg that you got because the Lucky Egg is your only ticket to the fast lane. It DOUBLEs your XP.

Tip: Don’t evolve your Pokemon until you have at least 10 ready and use it with the Lucky Egg.

Evolving the Pokeman gives you the most XP. Therefore double it with the egg, so that you can Level Up faster.

By the way, why would you want to Level Up?

pokemon level up

The Benefits of Level Up

Of course when you level up, you become a more powerful Pokemon Trainer and get to see more rare Pokemon and catch them. You will also be equipped with more powerful tools such as Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Hyper Potion. In addition to that you can POWER UP your Pokemon to become stronger and stronger. Remember, there’s a limit to powering up at a certain level.

Even if you have plenty of Stardust, you can’t power up your Pokemon more than your Level limit.

Get Rid of Multiple Pokemons

If you have five Raticate in your Pokemon Storage, I suggest you get rid four of them. Raticate is a weak Pokemon, so just keep one for your Pokedex. You can keep only 250 Pokemon at one time. Make sure you make the right choice. Pokemons with low CP and could not be used for evolving or fighting is best transferred to Prof Willow.

You will get a candy in exchange for a Pokemon.

So, not a bad deal, actually.

Catch Useful Pokemon Only

I know many of you can’t resist catching every Pokemon that pop up in your screen. Yes, Stardust can be very tempting! However, bear in mind that your resource is quite limited. Unless of course, you are willing to fork up a few hundred ringgit at the PokeShop to purchase that Poke Balls, then I suggest you need to be choosy when it comes to catching a Pokemon.

Here are some tips:

  • Catch small Pokemons with low CPs. It’s easier and you don’t need to lose too many Poke Balls or Great Balls.
  • Catching Weedle and Caterpie is good since they evolve quickly, which can transform to bigger XP. You only need 12 Weedle’s candies to turn Weedle to Kakuna. Plus, there are many of them out there. These two how are not for battle. Therefore, keep only one at a time.
  • Pokemons with high CP are very difficult to catch. Therefore, if you already have a more powerful one in your storage, don’t bother to waste your Poke Balls on them.
  • Some of the Pokemons need too many candies to evolve, so don’t spend too much effort on catching them. If possible, wait till you meet the upgraded version at the higher level.

Additional Pokemon Go Tips

Catching a Pokemon and complete your Pokedex is the main objective of the game. It is not as easy and simple as it seems. Like I said, you need to Level up to see more Pokemons and the higher the level you go, the more challenges you have to face.

As such, here a few more bonus tips for you…

Do this when playing Pokemon Go:

  • Use Razz Berry when confronted with moving/active Pokemon. This will make them easier to catch. Still, there is no guarantee that they can’t escape from your Poke Ball once inside.
  • If you are running out of Poke Ball, don’t sit still even if there is no Poke Stops nearby. Head to the Gym and do some battle. It will earn you useful XP if you win.
  • Choose the right Gym to do battle. Check how many Pokemons are defending the Gym and what they are. Pick suitable Pokemon to fight. It is not necessary your Pokemon with the highest CP.
  • Keep a record of every battle you have fought. Soon you will understand the pattern and pick the right Pokemon.
  • Learn to dodge during battle. Attack is not always the best option. So “dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge...” 😀
  • When sighting a rare Pokemon, try to use Incense, especially when you have extra.
  • Don’t use 2km eggs on ordinary Incubator. Only use on the unlimited one.
  • Walk and walk and walk. You get a better chance of finding a Pokemon than when you sit still. Good for exercise, too. Plus, this will help you to hatch the egg in the incubator faster.
  • Take your time before throwing the Poke Ball. You’ll get extra XP for nice, great and excellent throw. Additional bonus XP for curve ball.

That’s all for now. I will update the article from time to time whenever I’m free and not playing Pokemon. To all Pokemon Trainers out there, all the best and enjoy playing the game.

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