How to Set Up WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8

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I have used Windows 8 since last year but never turned my laptop into a WiFi Hotspot like I did when I used Windows 7 until yesterday. Well, I had to do it (convert it into a WiFi Hotspot) as I’m having problems with Celcom 3G over the past couple of days.

I normally use my iPhone 5s as Hotspot but the problems with Celcom means that I need to borrow my wife’s DiGi internet and share it with my kids who used the internet as well on their PC and smartphones.

We have stopped using Streamyx since we spend most of our outside the home 😀

Therefore having mobile broadbands like Celcom and DiGi are quite essential for us.

Set Up WiFi Hotspot in iPhone 5s

Setting up WiFi Hotspot in iPhone 5s is very easy because the feature is already built into the phone. You just need to customize the setting i.e naming the Wifi connection and create the password and you’re done.

Simply go to the setting and tap on “Personal Hotspot” to adjust the setting.

See below:

iPhone 5s WiFi

Set Up WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8

I have explained how to set up WiFi Hotspot on Windows 7 (Starter edition) in my previous posting HERE. Setting up WiFi Hotspot on Windows 8 is much more complicated but I believe most of you will be able to do it without much hassel.

All you need to do it are:

  1. check on the availability of your hosted network
  2. create a connection
  3. start the connection
  4. adjust the WiFi Hotspot setting

Trust me, it will be easy if you follow the procedures closely.

Checking the availability of your hosted network

Before you can set up your PC as a WiFi Hotspot, you will need to determine whether the hosted network is supported by the machine (your PC) or not. To do this you need to go to the command prompt and launch the app as the administrator.

Do this:

1. right-click on the bottom left of your screen

2. click on “Command Prompt (Admin)

open command prompt
3. check the availability by typing:

netsh wlan show drivers

netsh wlan show drivers

4. if the hosted network shows “YES”, then you can proceed to the next step. Do not close the Command Prompt!

hosted network supported

Create a connection

This is quite an important step. Write down the password and the network name that you are going to use for your WiFi Hotspot. That way, it will be easy for you to remember and connect when the network is already up and running.

On the command prompt, type:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”RoqWifi” key=”Pa$$w0rd”

(if you name your network ‘RoqWifi‘ or change it to any other name you like)



“ssid” is the name of your network. You can give it any name that you like. The above is just an example.
“key” is the password you want users to connect with.

It is also worth mentioning that the access point is created with WPA2-PSK (AES) encryption.

After typing the above command, you must click “enter“. If the connection is successfully created, you will see the success note as below:

success note

Starting the connection

Now that you have created the connection, you will still need to start it from the command prompt. It does not automatically start!

To start the connection, type:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

You should  see the success note as below:

hosted network started

Adjust the WiFi Hotspot setting

If somehow the other machine (PC or smartphone) doesn’t get the internet access, then you will need to check the network setting  via the control panel.

To do that:

move your mouse to bottom right of your screen and right click on the network bar. See below:

network sharing centre

click on “Open Network and Sharing Centre

Click on the “Local Area Connection 2“. Go to “Properties“. Adjust the setting as below:

Local Area Connection 2

Now click on the network that you want to share through Wifi. See below:

DiGi Broadband

Adjust the setting like this:

internet connection sharing

Well, you’re done. Start enjoying the WiFi Hotspot with your friends and family. I hope you’ll find this information useful to you.

– How to Set Up WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8

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